The Freedom Five

Split Wires
Kirt and his son Adam take a very much needed father/son day out on the town.

Adam has started to act up recently and act out.

It is always about Kirt’s other child Hope since she has been born, a super powered child prodigy, that combined with the issues with his wife, Adam has now been wanting attention.

“Hey champ!” Kirt blurts out excitedly as he shakes Adam’s shoulder trying to wake him up.

“Nnnfg…” Adam just turns away from his dad, shrugging off the attempt to wake him from his father.

“Come on sleepyhead, outta bed!”

Adam grunts.

Kirt shakes him again and then pokes him in the side, attempting to tickle him.

Adam squirms trying to avoid the attack, but quickly loses laughing gasping out. “DAD!”

Kirt takes a seat on the edge of Adam’s bed, “You and me today kiddo,” he smiles, “Gunna go out to see a ballgame, chilli dogs, popcorn, nachos…”

Adam looks up at his dad, “Do we have to go to the ballgame? I would rather go to the Arboretum, or zoo.”

Kirt shrugs, “Whichever one you want champ. We don’t need to go to the game,” smiling at Adam.

Adam rubs the sleep from his eyes and nods, “Let’s go to the Arboretum. Mom takes me there and the have really good ice cream too!”

“The Arboretum it is then!” Kirt stands rubbing his sons hair. “The bus leaves in an hour. I am also making breakfast.”

Adam hops out of bed, pushing his dad out, “Fruity Pebbles please!”

Kirt stumbles out of the room with a laugh, “You got it, big bowl.”

After a few Adam is eating his breakfast, Hope is also awake eating her nutritionally balanced breakfast for optimal performance for the day, frowning at Adam’s choice of his morning meal, trying to educate him on the benefits of a proper breakfast.

Kirt looks up, seeing Heather come down the stairs, “Hey hon. Boy’s day out.” He goes to kiss her on the cheek.

Adam mutters, “Ew. Gross!” Watching his dad and mom’s exchange.

Kirt laughs, so does Heather. “Yeah? Gross huh!” Headed over to his son’s side messing his hair up.

Heather shakes her head grabbing coffee, “You two have fun today,” she says after her first sip.

Giving Heather a kiss goodbye and hugging Hope, Adam and Kirt leave for their day out.

The trip to the Arboretum was uneventful the two sharing idle chit-chat along the way, Adam doing most of the talking about plants and flowers.

Kirt looking at his son, admiring his knowledge about plants. He frowns a bit on the inside, feeling like he is learning something new about his son. Something that his super heroics made him miss. He doesn’t let on though and continues to listen intently.

After what seems like hours walking around the gardens, Adam describing and giving a little insight on the various plants and flowers they stopped and seen it was decided that it was time for some ice cream.
Sitting at the outdoor patio in the sun, Adam licking at his strawberry cone and Kirt drinking his mint chocolate shake they enjoy the sunshine.

Kirt idly browses the open Wi-Fi just catching up on the local news and activities, when Adam pokes at him.

“Dad!”, Adam shouts stirring him out of his trance. “Look!”

Following the direction of Adam’s gaze he spots a man walking towards them. Black pants, black hoodie with the hood pulled up, one distinct feature however, a mask covering his face: white in color, mouth in a wicked smug looking grin. The mask has a goatee and the eyes share that smug look of the mouth.

Some of the other patrons get up to leave, fleeing the area.

The man shouts at Kirt, “We are Anonymous Kirt McMurray we know you. We know you, we know that is your Son, Adam. We also know of your wife Heather and daughter Hope.”

The masked man pauses.

“You are an abomination to the World Wide Web. We have been tracking you. We know your online movements. We intend to purge your data,” the masked man says plainly.

“Whoever you are, you better stay away from my family!” Kirt shouts, scooting Adam behind him to protect him.

“You must be purged!” Anonymous advances and attacks, “You are a virus that is a blight we.must remove. It has been forseen and foretold,” charging up his attack as some kind of energy crackles around him.

“No!” Kirt shouts transforming to his energy form, thinking to himself, praying to himself, “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow super charging the ions in the atmosphere… Resonating them, harmonizing…” Extending out his hands forcing his aura out in front of him acting as a force field he drops to one knee, fatigued, but protecting Adam and the nearby citizens.

Adam screams as Anonymous’s conal attack hits, striking the forcefield, the energy wavering.

Kirt turns to face his son, the pressure of the forceful attack weighing on him, “Run!”

Anonymous continues to walk forward, blasting again.

Kirt tries to maintain the shield, but it shatters under the barrage, turning to see Adam frozen there. He gets a surge of strength, shaking off the blast, turning back to normal, grabbing his son, running.

Anonymous fires again, missing.

Feeling the force from the blast nearby he holds onto Adam and continues to run. “Jude! Raido OMAH. Get people to my home!”, Kirt using his Data Link sends a message to their new sentient ship and his friend.

Another blast strikes from behind sending dirt, rock and debris everywhere.

Meanwhile at the McMurray home another Anonymous steps onto the lawn, into a rose bed, smashing it with his stomp.

Inside the home the security system goes off alerting them, the proximity alarm was triggered.

Heather stands up startled by the alarm, yelling for her daughter, “Hope?!” The TV show she was watching flips over to the outside security camera showing a similar man that is fighting with Kirt at this very moment.

Hope sitting in her room, playing with her Legos stops as she hears the alarm, and her Mother’s call, “I’m here Mommy in my room.”

Heather runs towards Hope’s room just as the house it struck by a blast of energy, causing her to stumble as the house shakes.

Hope grabs her laptop and a handful of Legos using her power starts to assemble some kind of device, but stops as the house shakes, hearing her Mother’s fall, “Mommy!”

Heather picking herself up hearing Hope’s cry, “Mommie is fine,” she says continuing on her way appearing at Hope’s door, grabbing for her.

Again the house is hit with another blast as Anonymous fires again.

Holding onto Hope as items on the wall fall down, smashing onto the floor, covering her from any harm.

Meanwhile outside as Anonymous readies another attack on the lawn several heroes teleport in Vance along with some members of the “B Team”.

Holding off on his attack he calls in some backup, signalling an ally from the sky as a flaming female descends to the ground, scorching the earth below her.

Anonymous acknowledges Fire Wall as she descends to where she world’s giant fireballs at the “B Team” as they teleport in.

Vance quickly assesses the situation and by sheer luck avoids the attack. “Spread out! Protect The Wire’s family!”

“Hehehehe. Yourluckisabouttorunout!” Almost unable to be understood as it sounds like a speed up Auctioneer talking as a fist hits Vance several times. High Speed, a speedster quick on his feet, tongue and wit zooms on by.

B Team; take up positions and start defending the home.

Kirt stops dead in his tracks as a big brick house of a man drops in leaping down, landing, sending cracks in the ground. Looking over his shoulder, Anonymous fast approaching.

“The buck stops here, Wire. I am Watch Dog and your corruption of the World Wide Web stops here and now. The Dark Web is here to stop you.”

Kirt holding his son closer, “Let my son go, it is I who you want, not him.”

Adam hugs onto his father tightly, and looks at Watch Dog, “You leave my dad alone stupid head.”

Silently communicating with Jude though Data Link.

Anonymous shouts, “Watch Dog grab him! He’s communicating with their ship!”

Watch Dog lumbering forward just a bit too slow as Kirt and Adam teleport away.

Kirt returns home with Adam the battle over. A look of horror crosses his face seeing his home blasted apart, his lawn burnt and scorched, and a tree toppled over and splintered in the yard. Pushing past the paramedics, police and fire trucks blocking the street. He shouts for his wife, and his daughter, “Heather! Hope!”

Several agents from Omah step up to Kirt as he sees Heather and Hope sitting on the stairs into their damaged home. Adam runs up to his mother, she grabs him, hugging him tight.

Kirt walks up seeing Heather and Hope Dusty and bruised. He immediately starts to cry grabbing his family and hugging them in his arms.

“I… I was so worried. Adam and I were attacked…” Kirt looks at his wife and then at the bags on the steps near her. “W-hat… Heather?”

Heather stands up, holding on her son and daughter, “I can’t do it anymore Kirt. I … I am leaving you. I am tired. Tired of it all.”

“Heather, please.” He tries to stop her.

Pushing pas him with the kids, hushing them to be quiet, “We’re going to my mother’s. Please, don’t call us for a few days. Your job is just too much, to dangerous. I need time away.” She gets in the car after putting the bags in the trunk.

Kirt goes to her, trying to hug her, “Please, no. HEATHER! I love you.”

Heather starts the car and says quietly, “I love you too, but it’s not enough.” She pulls away, leaving Kirt there with the broken home.

On being mortal

I can only imagine what people are thinking, saying.

_She did what?

But why?

How could she do that to him?_

They don’t understand. Something I didn’t fully comprehend until I actually sat down and looked at my life, at what I was doing.

Magni is a god.

I am not. I’m just a mere mortal with extraordinary powers, which can seem godly. But, in the end, I am still mortal. I can be injured, I can die.

That’s the issue right there. We mortals are funny creatures. We’re born, we grow up and then we look for someone to share our lives with. To have a family, to grow old together and die. I will die one day and Magni will still be young, hale, hearty. Any children we might have would have to deal with being demigods and, just going by the Greco-Roman myths that I’ve read, that’s not an easy life.

And then Magni would have to watch as they grow old and die as well. Immortality is great and fine if you are with others of the same length of life. I would go insane if I had to go through that.

That’s why I let him go. Because I love him enough to know that I am not what he truly needs in his life. That is why gods dally with mortals but they don’t stay. The fact that Magni professed to love me is heartwarming and I know that I was truly blessed. But I need someone by my side that understands that each day is precious. Someone who I can grow old with.

No one seems to understand.

It Begins
It Begins

“Alright mom I’ll tell Juanita you called. Give my regards to Herman for me….
Oh did you get the set of sea shells I had sent you from our vacation?…
Good. Well I figured it was better that a T-shirt. Heh…
I love ya too mom, take care.”

Eric turned off the cell phone and then went back to reading the report about some type of ground quake or subsidence that had occurred this morning on Ironhide’s patrol in North point.

Thank goodness no one was hurt and thank all the gods that my home was not affected. A Revolutionary war grave yard. hmmm That is going to cause a market hit in the area, I wonder if I have any homes that will be affected? I better go over there on my patrol and check things out. Now that I am back to full power I might be able to spot some possible trouble, also get an idea about how big the area affected.

Eric finished the report and then typed up a report about his last patrol, a big nothing. Then he pulled up a third report about a new team of meta humans that were attacking “magic using” paragons. An eye witness reported one looked somewhat like a fly that spit acid and a second one has hair like razor blades that could be manipulated to slice and dice and a third wore a suit and tie but supposedly took three 45 slugs to the chest and was not hurt. The three then disappeared into the Fens.

Okay after North point I better hit the Fens and see what I can find out. Maybe Father Fornhill will have heard something. He’s pretty tied into the goings on in the Fens and the city’s poor in general.

Eric then updated his calendar on his phone with the new information of where he would be patrolling and why and how to get a hold of Farther Fornhill if he should fail to report in. Eric looked at the clock and then glanced at the window.

_ I think I will get out of here and go catch an early lunch with Juanita and then start my patrol a bit early. I’m sure glad we decided to get an apartment together. It has sure been nice having her around._

Eric swiped his palms down his pant legs self-consciously. He did not like to talk about it but small spaces made him uncomfortable and if he spent too much time thinking about the building he was in did not have any windows that could be opened and that all the air was recycled exhaust from other peoples lungs he began to sweat a bit. He then just wanted to shrink to give himself more room, but he could not shrink inside buildings. He was trapped. Eric’s palms began to sweat.

Yes definitely time for an early lunch.

Eric called Juanita to ask her if she wanted to catch some early lunch. Her rapid breathing and moans in the background indicated she was a bit busy at the moment but she did ask him to hurry over anyway to fill another craving she had. He ran out of the building and changed as fast as possible and shot back to their place, landed on their balcony and was inside the bedroom in 30 seconds.

The next hour was much better spent than eating lunch.


After a quick shower Eric got out to the scene at North Point and looked around. Damage was not too bad but the grave site was too jumbled to be a graveyard, he thought it was more like a mass grave but he was no expert and the real experts were still working on the area. Eric spent most of his time shrunk down looking for leaking gas pipes or any areas that might shift again, and trying to locate and recognize historically significant artifacts. It was odd. When he was shrunk down he never really felt claustrophobic it was only in his “normal” form that he really noticed it. Like he was just too big for the area he was in.

After a few hours as the light started to fade out of the evening sky and it started to rain he left the scene with a promise from the lead investigator that he, Eric would get a report on this as soon as it was ready. Eric then headed off toward the Fens. He stopped at Frenchy’s drive-in for a turkey burger and sweet potato fries and then with the rain still coming down headed over to the Holy Trinity Catholic Church and Father Fornhill.

Holy Trinity was a very typical Spanish Mission looking church. With brown walls that could be mistaken for adobe at a distance, a red tile roof and even a bell tower. The church looked like it had just come off the set of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Three large doors to the chapel and another two story building that ran off behind it formed an “L” pattern. On the inside of the L was a small courtyard where Eric landed and then grew to full size. Glass windows faced the courtyard and several people witnessed his landing. Luckily he did not have a secret ID to worry about and that his clothes changed shape with him.

He walked from the courtyard into the chruch and into the stares of several people. Then a young boy piped up while pointing at Eric and holding his mom’s arm.

“Look mommy it’s Neutrino, the one that you called a pervert. What’s a pervert? Can I be one when I grow up?” Eric looked at the boy and then up at the pretty mother and grinned.

“I think I would like to hear that explanation too but I need to talk to Father Fornhill. Is he around?”

He watched her face cringe in embarrassment and then harden in anger.

“He is finishing up his confessionals. You will have to come back some other day and earlier I am sure, to fit in all your sins.”

_And there is the other hand to having a public ID. Everyone thinks they know you because of some magazine article they have read or had someone tell them about.
Eric sighed. “I am not here for a confessional, I am here for a real reason. If I wanted to bare my soul I would talk to my bartender, an actual God. Not some proxy! What? Just point me where he is. Thank you”
What’s with the dirty looks? What ever.

Eric walked down to the indicated office, knocked and waited for an enter. After a moment the door opened and a large blocky man with watery brown eyes, behind thick glasses opened the door and looked him over then grunted and gestured Eric in. The man then turned and walked back to a chair, sat down and went back to doing what he must have been doing before being interrupted by Eric, clipping his toenails.

The man’s feet were huge. Easily size fourteen or sixteen triple, or quadruple E’s and his nails were all cracked, split, and a filthy yellowish color. The nail clippers could barely clip though the thick horny growth that was the man’s toenails.
“God almighty Father go see a good pedicurist. Those are disgusting! I would recommend you one but then I would have to make you promise never to tell who recommended her.”

The father grunts again. Perhaps amused by Eric’s comment. His huge hands deftly moving the nail clipper from toe to toe, easily snipping the thick horny growths with his sausage sized fingers. Everything about Father Fornhill was thick, rock like.

They say he grew up in the coal mines of Australia. Fought his way out of there with his fists and his wits. He graduated to the docks where he loaded ships all day and did bare knuckle fighting at night. He then suddenly quite, moved to America and joined the priesthood. Rumor says he beat a man to death one night in a drunken rage over a woman in a bar. The father does not say but the scaring on his hands, arms and face tell an interesting story. He got to America late in the 90’s. Been in Freedom City for last ten years. Eric met him a few times before he outgrew the church. Who knew, Catholic.

Since then Eric had talked to him a little about issues with his mom and his Uncle Frank. Eric thought Father Fornhill may have helped Frank get the supervisor job at the food kitchen the Wyrd sisters sponsor but the father won’t say, and Uncle Frank doesn’t know.

Eric had also used him from time to time to find out about things going on in the Fens. The Father was well known in the Fens and well respected. He was not a stoolie, but he would sometimes pass on stuff to Eric he heard about Meta humans. Particularly if they were preying on his flock.

Father Fornhill finished the work on his feet and set the clippers down and then turned and looked at Eric. “How can I help you Eric?” His voice was resonate, and deep. Think Smaug in that old Peter Jackson, Hobbit movie.

Eric asked about the new Metas he had read about last night in the report and then Father Fornhill told him that they just seemed to show up last night out of nowhere, no one knew who they were, they killed a couple of people that were Paragon “magic users” and then they disappeared into the Fens.

While he talked, the Father changed into some sweats and then asked Eric if he would like to go down into the church Gym and work out for awhile. Eric quickly declined. One of the father’s little three hour workouts would leave Eric unable to move for a week.

Eric said his goodbyes and then went back out into the courtyard where the rain was still coming down, shrank down, and took off. The whole time Eric was wondering what the good father was not telling him, and why he looked so worried.

Funeral for a friend...

The mass starts and everyone is seated. Kirt sits in a row near the front, with his wife; Heather, son; Adam and his daughter; Hope.

Looking about he sees Kennedy and gives a wave and solemn gaze.

A priest stands before the gathered family, friends and loved ones. “It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. We all know that our time in this world is limited.” He pauses, “God is never cruel, there is a reason for all things. We must know the pain of loss; because if we never knew it, we would have no compassion for others, and we would become monsters of self-regard, creatures of unalloyed self-interest. The terrible pain of loss teaches humility to our prideful kind, has the power to soften uncaring hearts, to make a better person of a good one.”

Kirt holds onto Heather’s hand squeezing it gently, looking at her, and then at his kids.

Adam is fidgeting in his seat, bored, playing on his Nintendo handheld to keep him quiet and occupied.

Hope is trying to understand all of this. She is looking at all of the people.

After a few prayers are offered Director Kane steps up to the podium and starts to read off Russell’s achievements and about his service to the city.

Eventually after various family members spoke about the two their lives both separate and together.

Kirt trying to be strong for the gathered family and friends. He can’t but help have a feeling of overwhelming sorrow forming a lump in his chest. Russell was a near and dear friend of his, forged in the trenches and then in the break room and real life after the job ended for the day.

Bowing his head, he thinks back to the good times. Soon it is his turn, standing looking at his family, Heather grasping his hand as he heads down the church isle.

Taking the stand he is quiet for a moment, clearing his throat before addressing the audience, "I stand here before everyone today to talk about a man well two men actually, Russell and Guillermo. These two men were friends, lovers, husbands. Where they perfect?, No but none of us are perfect however they try to make everything work. They have been through some very trying times together.

Hope frowns her eyes water, sniffling tugging on Heather’s sleeve, “But mommy… Uncle Russ and Mo… Death is the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Why did they have to die… Mommy?” She says loudly during Kirt’s eulogy that display was enough to start the waterworks from gathered family and friends.

Kirt started to cry, trying to make it through his eulogy almost failing as he returned to his seat to hug his family as the mass continued around them to honor their fallen friends and family.

Letters from Asgard

Kennedy stood stock-still, staring at the parchment in her hands, her building anger – no, scratch that, her building fury – making the paper tremble in her grip as she read through the words again.

“What in the hell is this?” Her voice sounded cold, even to her.

Magni unfolded his form from the couch he’d been sitting after handing her the note. “Tis a missive from my father. Obviously.”

“Obviously.” She echoed that, then stared at her fiancée. “And you’re going to go along with all of this, without my say so in when or where I want to get married?”

Magni flinched slightly beneath her gaze. “He is my father. And, as the note states, we will get married here, following the local customs, after we return.”

She growled, the letter crumpling slightly in her grip. “So we are being told, willy nilly, that we’re having an engagement party in two weeks, getting married two months after that, and we, I, have no say? ”

Magni straightened. “Thor Odinson and his wife, my lady-mother Sif, have spoken and I am bound to obey.”

“Your father is great dunderhead. Does he not realize that the reason the wedding gets pushed back all the time is that I keep on having to save the world, again and again? That every time I get pulled into the Imaginarium that I never know how long it will be? Or did you forget that in your letters back home?”

“I have told them.”

She snorted in derision. “He obviously either doesn’t care or it somehow goes over his head. Add in the fact that my mother insists on a Christian wedding – she’s going to have a nervous meltdown when she learns this. She still doesn’t believe that Asgard exists and now you want me to tell her, my parents, that we’re all going there for a big old party and that we’re getting married by, who exactly? Odin himself?”

“Most likely.”

“Another dunderhead.”

Magni’s face darkened and he drew himself up to his full height. “You will show respect to my family.”

Kennedy took two strides, poking her finger into his broad chest. “Why? There’s none shown to mine. I am being told that we’re having a party, that I meet your mother and grandmother to hammer out the details of my wedding, but no indication is given that my mother is to be there. I may not get along all the time with my mother, but she is still my mother.”

“You do not understand.” Magni started.

“Damn straight I don’t understand. I don’t understand the Aesir ways, customs and it’s evident that you don’t understand mine.” She spat, color high in her cheeks. “I suggest going online and figuring it out, Magni Thorson.” She backed away, then spun on her heel, going to the door and opening it.

“Where are you going?”

She paused, looking at him over her shoulder. “Magni, I love you but I don’t like you very much at the moment. I’m going to go and try to cool down. I’ve had a long day, the coming days seem to be hinting at being longer and I don’t feel like dealing with overbearing gods at the moment. You included.”

Then she was gone.


Eric got up Saturday morning determined to get one thing done that day. One of the most difficult, hellish tasks known to manl at least in his opinion, getting someone a present. In this case a wedding present, for a Demi-god no less. This mental torture he could do without, but the amount of guilt he felt when he did not get a gift was even worse. Damn upbringing! He hated this societal custom!

Getting in his car he drove over to the local mall and started looking around for inspiration. Diamonds? Hah! Magni could probably squeeze his ass checks and plop out Hope diamonds every time he had to defecate. Precious metals were not so precious when you lived on Asgard.

How about a vacation? Three days and four nights on a beach! To a pair of beings that could fly anywhere in the world and one that could go anywhere in the cosmos! Maybe a cruise? Kennedy does not have a ship and Magni may not own one. Hmmm. No wait the last time Kennedy and Magni were on a boat was Eric’s yacht and that did not turn out so well. Magni took it ok but Kennedy swore she would never get on a boat again. (Sighs)

Clothes? Nope, Eric would not trust himself to get anything they would like. Music, nope Magni plays the sax very well and Eric did not know what either of them liked listening to. Electronic game?, nope. Eric knew Magni liked playing some of the games, he was a male after all, but Eric did not think Kennedy would like it and he did not think it would be appropriate for a wedding present. Victoria’s secret? Hell no.

Furniture? No, Kitchen ware? Hmmm that might be promising can either cook? Yes, Eric remembered Kennedy brought something to the last office potluck they had. Some noodle dish that was pretty good, maybe a new set of cookware for their palatial mansion on Asgard and their cooking staff to use. Dinnerware? No. (double sigh).

Give something from the heart they say. Make it something that is special to that person, they say. Eric liked Magni and Kennedy a lot, but he did not pay that much attention to them. They were there, they did their thing, and Eric did his, and they intersected at certain points, mainly with playing music in the bar, drinking in the bar and working to save the world or the bar from time to time. Something for the bar would be too impersonal and Eric thought bringing a villein to the wedding would not be appreciated in the spirit it was meant and he figured there would be one or two that would show up on their own anyway.

Eric looked around at all the advertisements showing smiling faces. Hmmm maybe that would work. Eric pulled out his cell phone and started going through his pictures. A lot of selfies of course and Juanita and himself, but there in some of the early photos he had taken with his phone were some pictures of Magni and the bar, and there was a picture of Kennedy looking at Magni while he was laughing at something said as everyone sat around a table. Oh yes and Kennedy singing one night as Magni and Eric were playing behind her, cannot forget that one. Heh.

This idea might work, gods above and below, Eric hated shopping for presents, but maybe this time he came up with something he could make work and stomach giving them. He bought a large picture frame and glass for it and backing and took it home to make a mosaic of pictures of his friends that he had taken of them over the past couple of years.

Eric and new friend.
Eric swept his leg across in front of him trying to take out his opponent’s legs that were also in front of him, while firmly holding their Gee. The little rat bastard jumped over his leg sweep and then cocked his hip under Eric and with a small heave pulled Eric over his hip and slammed him to the mat.

Bastard, Eric thought as he slapped his hand down hard on the mat to spread out the impact of the fall, as his body came down with a thump. Little, acne covered,fucker. I’m go’na to murderize him. Rolling back up to his feet. He and his nemesis carefully grabbed each other in the beginning Judo position. Left and right hand each grasping the others open gee with a closed fist. Then the awkward dance began again, around and around each moved trying to destabilize the Other until one of the combatants shifted his stance and leg sweep his opponent or hip throw him or even shoulder throw him. One of the basic moves that the two had been taught over the past three weeks.

Eric is a head taller than his opponent, out weights him by ten pounds and has ten years of experience on him. He has faced bad guys in life or death situations that this nerd could not even imagine. He is handsome, rich, and clever. His opponent is a thirteen year old, acne scared, hormonal mess, with all the suave and sophistication of a Spider monkey. Here on the mat though it made no difference as the said spider monkey deftly pulled Eric toward him as he fell back, planted his foot in Eric’s stomach and with sickening ease flipped Eric over his head to crash again into the Mat.

Damn fucker! How does he make it look so easy! Just give me back my powers and I will lay waste to his life, his home, his obviously genetically manipulating parents and, and, his dog! That would show him! And that caused Eric to pause.

He stood up bowed to his opponent, and then his teacher, then went to sit down against one of the walls of the Dojo lost in thought. Is that what this anger is all about, because that alien guy drained a lot of my power and now I feel worthless? I have not had this kind of power for most of my life, if it went away I could go back to what I was before, couldn’t I? Ok so OMHA may not want me anymore but I could go back to selling houses in a flash!
A persuasive voice came from the back of Eric’s mind. “Could you? Were you really that good at selling houses or was it just because you were the great-grandson of Ebby? Always getting by with what others gave you, never having to earn anything on your own. Your powers, your money, your fiance even? They just fell into your lap because of circumstances. Your just a taker Eric. A fucking little tick on the world’s backside.”


I do not know who you are asshole but I wish you would get the hell out of my head. A little heavy-handed with the Freud bullshit. Eric shock his head trying to clear it. The others were awake now and it was time to get back to work. Ironhide needed a cure, and these God/alien things needed to be put in their place. I need to get my powers back as well and if they do not return, then get out of the others way.

Getting up Eric quickly left the Dojo to start his day at OMHA. Watching him his opponent smiled maliciously and then went back to listening to the teacher.

The Unseen Stalker
Fowl Ball!

Somebody’s Watching Me. – “At first, you catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye. Just as you turn your head, it’s gone. But the feeling of being watched now becomes evident… maybe even overwhelming.” -Unknown Author

Kirt in the aftermath of what can only be described as a comedy of errors… Out to lunch with Eric driving along a service road an overwhelming sense of him being watched hits him. This is not the first, and not the first this week. Earlier while at work with his “self-booting” PC, after a successful shut down several times, end result he had to simply unplug the thing.

However this extends way beyond that, months ago. Strange things, feelings, noises, that hairs standing on the back of your neck, uncanny, spider-sense that you are being watched, stalked… A heavy sense of paranoia overcoming him, a fear, a sense of urgency to protect his family and himself.

This coupled with his growing addiction to always being connected to the Internet has been clouding his judgment. Spending more and more time as his intangible alter ego self The Wire has left him somewhat cold., but this is all part of a buildup of what happened…

While going to lunch that feeling hit, and from the corner of his eye Kirt spied something, a bird with an unusual trajectory path, weaving in and out, following him. Eric, quite oblivious to the whole thing after Kirt with the use of his powers detected the bird, not to be a bird at all, just in shape and design, but a cleverly disguised mechanical menace. Failing the attempt to control the bird, and without much hesitation utilizing his other powers as not to lose the bird as it took off into a flock that was flying by he commanded it to explode, and explode it did. A fury of fluffy feathers burst everywhere as it caught other drivers off guard, startling them and causing an accident, a multi-car pileup.

With what had just happened Kirt jumped into medic mode, his training a nurse came back into play, a profession that one day would have made him a doctor, but the superhero gig took preference, and with all that has happened, that dream was placed on indefinite hold.

Bits and pieces of the bird were found, a very grotesque mixture of machine and bird. Who could have done such a thing, or why? One thing that is assured now though… We now have physical evidence there is something, rather someone behind all of this. Now to find out who it is.

What's been going on with Rampart

After the Freedom Five apprehended a vigilante named Gallant, Rampart has been assigned as her training and handler. Kennedy was not very happy about this but she other issues distracting her. Her ongoing engagement with Magni Thorson was causing concern from those around her. Why had they waited so long? Was the wedding to be held on Earth or in Asgard? If it was in Asgard, were friends going to be invited? Perhaps they would have the ceremony on Asgard and a reception on Earth?

All of these questions were then even further complicated by the arrival of Karya, a Valkyrie warrior claiming to have been sent to aid Magni and Rampart so that they can focus on the impending wedding, but Karya’s behavior suggests that she might have other plans for Magni.

What’s been happening with The Wire:

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”

- Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Someone has been following Kirt. He has heard strange murmurs when he thought he was alone. He has seen movement out of the corner of his eye. He stopped a stranger that was following him in his car but the man was either innocent or a practiced liar. Luckily, Kirt can better defend himself now that his technologically advanced tike, Hope, has given him an upgrade that allows him to attack electronics instead of just controlling them.

Why are they following him?
What are they after?
Could they bring harm to his family?

Whoever is stalking him should fear the ire of The Wire!


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