The Freedom Five

Eric and new friend.

Eric swept his leg across in front of him trying to take out his opponent’s legs that were also in front of him, while firmly holding their Gee. The little rat bastard jumped over his leg sweep and then cocked his hip under Eric and with a small heave pulled Eric over his hip and slammed him to the mat.

Bastard, Eric thought as he slapped his hand down hard on the mat to spread out the impact of the fall, as his body came down with a thump. Little, acne covered,fucker. I’m go’na to murderize him. Rolling back up to his feet. He and his nemesis carefully grabbed each other in the beginning Judo position. Left and right hand each grasping the others open gee with a closed fist. Then the awkward dance began again, around and around each moved trying to destabilize the Other until one of the combatants shifted his stance and leg sweep his opponent or hip throw him or even shoulder throw him. One of the basic moves that the two had been taught over the past three weeks.

Eric is a head taller than his opponent, out weights him by ten pounds and has ten years of experience on him. He has faced bad guys in life or death situations that this nerd could not even imagine. He is handsome, rich, and clever. His opponent is a thirteen year old, acne scared, hormonal mess, with all the suave and sophistication of a Spider monkey. Here on the mat though it made no difference as the said spider monkey deftly pulled Eric toward him as he fell back, planted his foot in Eric’s stomach and with sickening ease flipped Eric over his head to crash again into the Mat.

Damn fucker! How does he make it look so easy! Just give me back my powers and I will lay waste to his life, his home, his obviously genetically manipulating parents and, and, his dog! That would show him! And that caused Eric to pause.

He stood up bowed to his opponent, and then his teacher, then went to sit down against one of the walls of the Dojo lost in thought. Is that what this anger is all about, because that alien guy drained a lot of my power and now I feel worthless? I have not had this kind of power for most of my life, if it went away I could go back to what I was before, couldn’t I? Ok so OMHA may not want me anymore but I could go back to selling houses in a flash!
A persuasive voice came from the back of Eric’s mind. “Could you? Were you really that good at selling houses or was it just because you were the great-grandson of Ebby? Always getting by with what others gave you, never having to earn anything on your own. Your powers, your money, your fiance even? They just fell into your lap because of circumstances. Your just a taker Eric. A fucking little tick on the world’s backside.”


I do not know who you are asshole but I wish you would get the hell out of my head. A little heavy-handed with the Freud bullshit. Eric shock his head trying to clear it. The others were awake now and it was time to get back to work. Ironhide needed a cure, and these God/alien things needed to be put in their place. I need to get my powers back as well and if they do not return, then get out of the others way.

Getting up Eric quickly left the Dojo to start his day at OMHA. Watching him his opponent smiled maliciously and then went back to listening to the teacher.


Great story. +1 Superhero Point!

Eric and new friend.
rchipman Alfirin

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