The Freedom Five

Friends Reunited

I met up with my friends at the city center in the afternoon. It was good to see Rampart, Neutrino, and as an added surprise Mr. Hendricks. Not entirely sure how Vance managed to … join us on the Great Space Coaster, or how he will get back. After we got the hellos out of the way I proceeded to tell the gang about Ironhide, his sister of this world, and also about this worlds version of Magni being combatants in the gladiatorial arena. In doing so I kind of said a bit too much upsetting Alexa in the process. Speaking out in the open about this was not a very good idea so we followed Alexa to a secret location. We told Alexa about our mission and who we were, but she decided to ignore what we told her and just accept our help. They say ignorance is bliss. Perhaps with this group and situation I couldn’t agree more.

After out little get together we dispersed and I went with Rampart back to her place to get all gussied up for a party that was going to be thrown at her place. The evening came on and people started to arrive. Neutrino and Mr. Hendricks soon arrived and we quickly gathered together and then dispersed into the mass of people there. Some of us enjoying the various foods from the buffet… some of us watching the dancers do their thing. Some of us… ME… meeting this older gentleman and sticking their foot in their mouth. As the night went on that older person stood up and gave a speech. That man… is a senator… and happens to be this worlds father of Rampart. Crap… cause the lies I told to him about being a family friend, and coming from Europa… were about see-through as glass. I had to find Rampart and tell her. Was it possible that my, no our cover was blown? I hope not. For the rest of the night I laid low and kept out of people’s way not wanting to stir up any more trouble.

The night went on and not much more happened. More food, drink, dance, and sex… if that is what people wanted. The party started to die down and eventually the majority of people had left. Either too drunk to move, or passed out stayed. I went to my room to rest up for tomorrow was already here and I needed to get some rest for hopefully we would meet up with Ironhide this afternoon. Soon I passed out my thoughts were of my precious wife Heather McMurray and my two children Hope McMurray and Adam McMurray. I missed them and the rest of my family dearly.

The sun was high in the sky as it was mid morning when I awoke. I wandered out from my room to see the remnants of the party being attended to by the servants of the house. Finding some fruit I ate breakfast and then washed up for we had to meet at city center again today. The rest of the morning was uneventful. We all gathered at the city center and that is when we found Ironhide, Magnus, and Cobalt. Meeting up with Alexa we all headed back to the secret location again to discuss our plan of action and what we need to do. I think we all know now this isn’t the world that attacked us, but we are heroes and we must help with world. We must make some dent in their society and help the resistance with whatever it is they need.


Nice Post. When did you meet “Fenris”?

Friends Reunited

Am I incorrect with Fenris being the name of Ironhide’s sister?

Being the Medicus I would assume I have meet her plenty of times, also I did request to see her after I saw Ironhide the first time in the arena. She is/was a well known gladiator I also assume.

Friends Reunited

Ironhide’s local name is Ferrous, and his sister is Cobalt (because of her shiny metalic skin when her powers are activated.

Friends Reunited

Fenris was the wolf-man that was involved in the prison break back on your earth.

Friends Reunited

Ahh sorry sorry… my brain has not been here… lots of changes at work..

Friends Reunited
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