The Freedom Five

Lurking In The Shadows...

= Television playing National Anthem = This concludes our regularly scheduled programming. Stay tuned for the next six hours of paid advertizing.

=snort= Zzz.z…z…

“Frahhzah…” =drool= “HUH!…” Kirt snaps awake his eyes adjusting and regaining his senses from his extended nap on the living room sofa. Looking about the room it’s obviously late and everyone has gone off to bed. Taking a look at the clock on the display of the DVD player his eyes still adjusting he rubs them and looks on back; “3:01am,” he says a bit groggily as he sits up on the couch scratching his chest.

“What… the….” Kirt says while watching the infomercial on the television looking for his slippers and talking to himself, “The Tiddy Bear… I.. I really don’t know what to say.”

Finds his pinky bunny slippers that he received for Christmas from the kids he stands up yawning and stretches shuffling towards the kitchen and scratches his butt through his sweatpants. Licking his lips and clearing his throat as he makes his way over yo the fridge to grab the carton of milk out and take a swig leaning on the counter. The light from the fridge illuminating the pile of mail by him on the counter top as he looks through it.

“Coupons… Dell Catalog… You Have Won 1,000,000 Dollars… Junk…” he reads off the mail as he sorts through it, “All junk,” he says after taking one last swig of the milk leaving a miniscule amount left in the carton.

“I can’t believe there is a market for such things… Pajama Jeans,” muttering to himself as he sits back down on the couch. “I make super cool devices at work, and Hope can McGuyver them from almost anything.” Kirt rubs his stubble his 5 o’clock shadow his become a bit more like a 9 or 10. “Past two big missions we’ve been in I’ve been hurt bad. You’d think after all what happened to our world the bad guys would be a little less bad. It seems they got worse. If they only knew everything that went on behind their backs and right under their noses,” he inner monologues.

“Hm…” Kirt grunts casually smelling his shirt. “Eh… not to bad. Late night infomercial television is terrible. However, I have been roped into buying that Soda Stream and a Jack Lalane’s Juicer… Magic Bullets, FlowBee, a few Snuggies.”

“Daddy..?” a sleepy eyed Hope in her pink onesie asks as she stands there gripping her blanket, “I had a unpleasant dream. I think there may be a monster under my bed, but I am sticking to the null hypothesis that there is no monster under my bed, but can you check anyways, daddy?”

Kirt smiles turning off the television and goes to Hope and takes her by the hand, “You got it sweetie, and if there is one we’ll build a monster scare ray gun to scare them right back.”

Hope considers that last part for a moment making a ray gun, but she uses her free hand to run the sleep from her eyes and holds onto Kirt’s hand a bit more tightly.

Lifting up Hope into his arms and pushes open the door to her room, “Hello… any monsters in here?”

Kirt steps into Hope’s room seeing partially built inventions built from toys, and her Legos scattered across the floor from the moonlight shining in through the window as he makes his way to the closet opening the door with his foot, “Monsters?”

Hope squirms sleepily in Kirt’s arms.

Placing Hope on the bed he kneels down looking underneath and asks again, “Monsters?” Kirt shrugs and looks up at Hope, “No.. no monsters here pumpkinpuss.” Standing up he tucks her in and kisses her forehead gently, “Now get some sleep, love you.”

Hope groggily responds already fast falling asleep, “Wuv woo to.. da…ddy…”

Shutting the door gently he makes his way towards the master bedroom when he gets a chill running down his spine. Turning to look behind him, but seeing nothing. “Hm…” he says continuing to walk towards the bedroom feeling a bit uncomfortable as he turns in for the night.


Very good. Be sure to collect a Super Hero Point tonight

Lurking In The Shadows...
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