The Freedom Five


Eric got up Saturday morning determined to get one thing done that day. One of the most difficult, hellish tasks known to manl at least in his opinion, getting someone a present. In this case a wedding present, for a Demi-god no less. This mental torture he could do without, but the amount of guilt he felt when he did not get a gift was even worse. Damn upbringing! He hated this societal custom!

Getting in his car he drove over to the local mall and started looking around for inspiration. Diamonds? Hah! Magni could probably squeeze his ass checks and plop out Hope diamonds every time he had to defecate. Precious metals were not so precious when you lived on Asgard.

How about a vacation? Three days and four nights on a beach! To a pair of beings that could fly anywhere in the world and one that could go anywhere in the cosmos! Maybe a cruise? Kennedy does not have a ship and Magni may not own one. Hmmm. No wait the last time Kennedy and Magni were on a boat was Eric’s yacht and that did not turn out so well. Magni took it ok but Kennedy swore she would never get on a boat again. (Sighs)

Clothes? Nope, Eric would not trust himself to get anything they would like. Music, nope Magni plays the sax very well and Eric did not know what either of them liked listening to. Electronic game?, nope. Eric knew Magni liked playing some of the games, he was a male after all, but Eric did not think Kennedy would like it and he did not think it would be appropriate for a wedding present. Victoria’s secret? Hell no.

Furniture? No, Kitchen ware? Hmmm that might be promising can either cook? Yes, Eric remembered Kennedy brought something to the last office potluck they had. Some noodle dish that was pretty good, maybe a new set of cookware for their palatial mansion on Asgard and their cooking staff to use. Dinnerware? No. (double sigh).

Give something from the heart they say. Make it something that is special to that person, they say. Eric liked Magni and Kennedy a lot, but he did not pay that much attention to them. They were there, they did their thing, and Eric did his, and they intersected at certain points, mainly with playing music in the bar, drinking in the bar and working to save the world or the bar from time to time. Something for the bar would be too impersonal and Eric thought bringing a villein to the wedding would not be appreciated in the spirit it was meant and he figured there would be one or two that would show up on their own anyway.

Eric looked around at all the advertisements showing smiling faces. Hmmm maybe that would work. Eric pulled out his cell phone and started going through his pictures. A lot of selfies of course and Juanita and himself, but there in some of the early photos he had taken with his phone were some pictures of Magni and the bar, and there was a picture of Kennedy looking at Magni while he was laughing at something said as everyone sat around a table. Oh yes and Kennedy singing one night as Magni and Eric were playing behind her, cannot forget that one. Heh.

This idea might work, gods above and below, Eric hated shopping for presents, but maybe this time he came up with something he could make work and stomach giving them. He bought a large picture frame and glass for it and backing and took it home to make a mosaic of pictures of his friends that he had taken of them over the past couple of years.


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