The Freedom Five

Split Wires

Kirt and his son Adam take a very much needed father/son day out on the town.

Adam has started to act up recently and act out.

It is always about Kirt’s other child Hope since she has been born, a super powered child prodigy, that combined with the issues with his wife, Adam has now been wanting attention.

“Hey champ!” Kirt blurts out excitedly as he shakes Adam’s shoulder trying to wake him up.

“Nnnfg…” Adam just turns away from his dad, shrugging off the attempt to wake him from his father.

“Come on sleepyhead, outta bed!”

Adam grunts.

Kirt shakes him again and then pokes him in the side, attempting to tickle him.

Adam squirms trying to avoid the attack, but quickly loses laughing gasping out. “DAD!”

Kirt takes a seat on the edge of Adam’s bed, “You and me today kiddo,” he smiles, “Gunna go out to see a ballgame, chilli dogs, popcorn, nachos…”

Adam looks up at his dad, “Do we have to go to the ballgame? I would rather go to the Arboretum, or zoo.”

Kirt shrugs, “Whichever one you want champ. We don’t need to go to the game,” smiling at Adam.

Adam rubs the sleep from his eyes and nods, “Let’s go to the Arboretum. Mom takes me there and the have really good ice cream too!”

“The Arboretum it is then!” Kirt stands rubbing his sons hair. “The bus leaves in an hour. I am also making breakfast.”

Adam hops out of bed, pushing his dad out, “Fruity Pebbles please!”

Kirt stumbles out of the room with a laugh, “You got it, big bowl.”

After a few Adam is eating his breakfast, Hope is also awake eating her nutritionally balanced breakfast for optimal performance for the day, frowning at Adam’s choice of his morning meal, trying to educate him on the benefits of a proper breakfast.

Kirt looks up, seeing Heather come down the stairs, “Hey hon. Boy’s day out.” He goes to kiss her on the cheek.

Adam mutters, “Ew. Gross!” Watching his dad and mom’s exchange.

Kirt laughs, so does Heather. “Yeah? Gross huh!” Headed over to his son’s side messing his hair up.

Heather shakes her head grabbing coffee, “You two have fun today,” she says after her first sip.

Giving Heather a kiss goodbye and hugging Hope, Adam and Kirt leave for their day out.

The trip to the Arboretum was uneventful the two sharing idle chit-chat along the way, Adam doing most of the talking about plants and flowers.

Kirt looking at his son, admiring his knowledge about plants. He frowns a bit on the inside, feeling like he is learning something new about his son. Something that his super heroics made him miss. He doesn’t let on though and continues to listen intently.

After what seems like hours walking around the gardens, Adam describing and giving a little insight on the various plants and flowers they stopped and seen it was decided that it was time for some ice cream.
Sitting at the outdoor patio in the sun, Adam licking at his strawberry cone and Kirt drinking his mint chocolate shake they enjoy the sunshine.

Kirt idly browses the open Wi-Fi just catching up on the local news and activities, when Adam pokes at him.

“Dad!”, Adam shouts stirring him out of his trance. “Look!”

Following the direction of Adam’s gaze he spots a man walking towards them. Black pants, black hoodie with the hood pulled up, one distinct feature however, a mask covering his face: white in color, mouth in a wicked smug looking grin. The mask has a goatee and the eyes share that smug look of the mouth.

Some of the other patrons get up to leave, fleeing the area.

The man shouts at Kirt, “We are Anonymous Kirt McMurray we know you. We know you, we know that is your Son, Adam. We also know of your wife Heather and daughter Hope.”

The masked man pauses.

“You are an abomination to the World Wide Web. We have been tracking you. We know your online movements. We intend to purge your data,” the masked man says plainly.

“Whoever you are, you better stay away from my family!” Kirt shouts, scooting Adam behind him to protect him.

“You must be purged!” Anonymous advances and attacks, “You are a virus that is a blight we.must remove. It has been forseen and foretold,” charging up his attack as some kind of energy crackles around him.

“No!” Kirt shouts transforming to his energy form, thinking to himself, praying to himself, “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow super charging the ions in the atmosphere… Resonating them, harmonizing…” Extending out his hands forcing his aura out in front of him acting as a force field he drops to one knee, fatigued, but protecting Adam and the nearby citizens.

Adam screams as Anonymous’s conal attack hits, striking the forcefield, the energy wavering.

Kirt turns to face his son, the pressure of the forceful attack weighing on him, “Run!”

Anonymous continues to walk forward, blasting again.

Kirt tries to maintain the shield, but it shatters under the barrage, turning to see Adam frozen there. He gets a surge of strength, shaking off the blast, turning back to normal, grabbing his son, running.

Anonymous fires again, missing.

Feeling the force from the blast nearby he holds onto Adam and continues to run. “Jude! Raido OMAH. Get people to my home!”, Kirt using his Data Link sends a message to their new sentient ship and his friend.

Another blast strikes from behind sending dirt, rock and debris everywhere.

Meanwhile at the McMurray home another Anonymous steps onto the lawn, into a rose bed, smashing it with his stomp.

Inside the home the security system goes off alerting them, the proximity alarm was triggered.

Heather stands up startled by the alarm, yelling for her daughter, “Hope?!” The TV show she was watching flips over to the outside security camera showing a similar man that is fighting with Kirt at this very moment.

Hope sitting in her room, playing with her Legos stops as she hears the alarm, and her Mother’s call, “I’m here Mommy in my room.”

Heather runs towards Hope’s room just as the house it struck by a blast of energy, causing her to stumble as the house shakes.

Hope grabs her laptop and a handful of Legos using her power starts to assemble some kind of device, but stops as the house shakes, hearing her Mother’s fall, “Mommy!”

Heather picking herself up hearing Hope’s cry, “Mommie is fine,” she says continuing on her way appearing at Hope’s door, grabbing for her.

Again the house is hit with another blast as Anonymous fires again.

Holding onto Hope as items on the wall fall down, smashing onto the floor, covering her from any harm.

Meanwhile outside as Anonymous readies another attack on the lawn several heroes teleport in Vance along with some members of the “B Team”.

Holding off on his attack he calls in some backup, signalling an ally from the sky as a flaming female descends to the ground, scorching the earth below her.

Anonymous acknowledges Fire Wall as she descends to where she world’s giant fireballs at the “B Team” as they teleport in.

Vance quickly assesses the situation and by sheer luck avoids the attack. “Spread out! Protect The Wire’s family!”

“Hehehehe. Yourluckisabouttorunout!” Almost unable to be understood as it sounds like a speed up Auctioneer talking as a fist hits Vance several times. High Speed, a speedster quick on his feet, tongue and wit zooms on by.

B Team; take up positions and start defending the home.

Kirt stops dead in his tracks as a big brick house of a man drops in leaping down, landing, sending cracks in the ground. Looking over his shoulder, Anonymous fast approaching.

“The buck stops here, Wire. I am Watch Dog and your corruption of the World Wide Web stops here and now. The Dark Web is here to stop you.”

Kirt holding his son closer, “Let my son go, it is I who you want, not him.”

Adam hugs onto his father tightly, and looks at Watch Dog, “You leave my dad alone stupid head.”

Silently communicating with Jude though Data Link.

Anonymous shouts, “Watch Dog grab him! He’s communicating with their ship!”

Watch Dog lumbering forward just a bit too slow as Kirt and Adam teleport away.

Kirt returns home with Adam the battle over. A look of horror crosses his face seeing his home blasted apart, his lawn burnt and scorched, and a tree toppled over and splintered in the yard. Pushing past the paramedics, police and fire trucks blocking the street. He shouts for his wife, and his daughter, “Heather! Hope!”

Several agents from Omah step up to Kirt as he sees Heather and Hope sitting on the stairs into their damaged home. Adam runs up to his mother, she grabs him, hugging him tight.

Kirt walks up seeing Heather and Hope Dusty and bruised. He immediately starts to cry grabbing his family and hugging them in his arms.

“I… I was so worried. Adam and I were attacked…” Kirt looks at his wife and then at the bags on the steps near her. “W-hat… Heather?”

Heather stands up, holding on her son and daughter, “I can’t do it anymore Kirt. I … I am leaving you. I am tired. Tired of it all.”

“Heather, please.” He tries to stop her.

Pushing pas him with the kids, hushing them to be quiet, “We’re going to my mother’s. Please, don’t call us for a few days. Your job is just too much, to dangerous. I need time away.” She gets in the car after putting the bags in the trunk.

Kirt goes to her, trying to hug her, “Please, no. HEATHER! I love you.”

Heather starts the car and says quietly, “I love you too, but it’s not enough.” She pulls away, leaving Kirt there with the broken home.


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