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The Unseen Stalker

Fowl Ball!

Somebody’s Watching Me. – “At first, you catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye. Just as you turn your head, it’s gone. But the feeling of being watched now becomes evident… maybe even overwhelming.” -Unknown Author

Kirt in the aftermath of what can only be described as a comedy of errors… Out to lunch with Eric driving along a service road an overwhelming sense of him being watched hits him. This is not the first, and not the first this week. Earlier while at work with his “self-booting” PC, after a successful shut down several times, end result he had to simply unplug the thing.

However this extends way beyond that, months ago. Strange things, feelings, noises, that hairs standing on the back of your neck, uncanny, spider-sense that you are being watched, stalked… A heavy sense of paranoia overcoming him, a fear, a sense of urgency to protect his family and himself.

This coupled with his growing addiction to always being connected to the Internet has been clouding his judgment. Spending more and more time as his intangible alter ego self The Wire has left him somewhat cold., but this is all part of a buildup of what happened…

While going to lunch that feeling hit, and from the corner of his eye Kirt spied something, a bird with an unusual trajectory path, weaving in and out, following him. Eric, quite oblivious to the whole thing after Kirt with the use of his powers detected the bird, not to be a bird at all, just in shape and design, but a cleverly disguised mechanical menace. Failing the attempt to control the bird, and without much hesitation utilizing his other powers as not to lose the bird as it took off into a flock that was flying by he commanded it to explode, and explode it did. A fury of fluffy feathers burst everywhere as it caught other drivers off guard, startling them and causing an accident, a multi-car pileup.

With what had just happened Kirt jumped into medic mode, his training a nurse came back into play, a profession that one day would have made him a doctor, but the superhero gig took preference, and with all that has happened, that dream was placed on indefinite hold.

Bits and pieces of the bird were found, a very grotesque mixture of machine and bird. Who could have done such a thing, or why? One thing that is assured now though… We now have physical evidence there is something, rather someone behind all of this. Now to find out who it is.


You have heard 1 Superhero point. Be sure to remind me at the game table.

Slight correction. Most of what you found were just bird remains. You did, however, find a very small amount of electrical parts that were scorched and shattered from your attack.

The Unseen Stalker
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