The Freedom Five

Tracking the Red Raven

The deadly cold of Freedom City is rapidly declining. The strange man known to you as P.A.U.L. has claimed that he can end the city’s suffering if you can bring him the Vernal Key, an artifact of unclear origin that can be found within the dream realm of the Imageria.

After you agreed to recover it, you found yourself in the identity of a fantasy character visiting Azurestone, a village in the highlands of the nation of Galt that is known for their unusually warm winter weather, for their Harvest Festival. While celebrating you learned that the Vernal Key is an ancient artifact that protects its surrounding area from the cold of winter. Unfortunately, the Key was stolen by the Red Raven, a thief-revolutionary known for stealing from the rich and powerful and for helping the poor.

In order to compensate for causing trouble in a bar the night before, you agreed to recover the Key for the village. Lead by a local hunter, you followed the Red Raven’s trail up into the mountains. After avoiding several traps laid by the Raven’s followers, you located their camp and through diplomacy, they revealed that the Red Raven’s love is believed to be trapped in the labyrinth hidden beneath the treasury of the Jarl of the North Wind. This mythical treasure is hidden somewhere high in the mountains. Little is known about this Jarl, and up until now, he and his treasury was believed by most to be a false rumor. Others have traveled high into the mountains questing for the treasure, never to return. Most people believe that they were killed, either by the harsh weather or by more common mountain threats like an avalanche or griffins.

So far, the mountains have thrown at you a juvenile white dragon, strange Wolf/Deer hybrids called Muntjacs, and mephits. The terrain has transitioned snow covered rocks and trees to an icy path devoid of vegetation.

You know that you are very near to the Red Raven. Now you just have to find him, and either help him rescue his beloved, convince him to abandon her, or just take the Key from him and leave them both behind. Of course that is assuming you survive what other threats await you.



Tracking the Red Raven
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