The Freedom Five

What's been going on with Rampart

After the Freedom Five apprehended a vigilante named Gallant, Rampart has been assigned as her training and handler. Kennedy was not very happy about this but she other issues distracting her. Her ongoing engagement with Magni Thorson was causing concern from those around her. Why had they waited so long? Was the wedding to be held on Earth or in Asgard? If it was in Asgard, were friends going to be invited? Perhaps they would have the ceremony on Asgard and a reception on Earth?

All of these questions were then even further complicated by the arrival of Karya, a Valkyrie warrior claiming to have been sent to aid Magni and Rampart so that they can focus on the impending wedding, but Karya’s behavior suggests that she might have other plans for Magni.


Rampart you need to take that Biiiiooooch down! She has designs on your man.

What's been going on with Rampart
rchipman rchipman

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