Ajax Stewart

The Engineer of the Impossible

Ability Scores:
STR: +3 (17) DEX: +3 (17) CON: +3 (17) INT: +4 (18) WIS: +3 (16) CHA: +4 (18)
Saving Throws
Tough: +3/ +10
Fort: +3
Ref: +3
Will: +3
Acrobatics 13 (+16) Appraise 12 (+16) Bluff 6 (+10)
Climb 13 (+16) Concentration 7 (+10) Craft (artistic) 12 (+16)
Craft (chemical) 12 (+16) Craft (cooking) 12 (+16) Craft (electronic) 12 (+16/ +18)
Craft (expressive) 12 (+16) Craft (mechanical) 12 (+16) Craft (structural) 12 (+16)
Craft (weapon & armorsmithing) 12 (+16) Demolitions 6 (+10/ +12) Diplomacy 10 (+18)
Disable Device 12 (+16) Disguise 6 (+10/ +12) Drive 13 (+16)
Escape Artist 7 (+10) Forgery 6 (+10) Gamble 13 (+16)
Gather Information 12 (+18) Handle Animal 12 (+16) Intimidate 10 (+16)
Investigate 12 (+16) Knowledge (arcane Lore) 12 (+16) Knowledge (art) 12 (+16)
Knowledge (behavioral science) 12 (+16) Knowledge (business) 12 (+16) Knowledge (civics) 12 (+16)
Knowledge (current events) 12 (+16) Knowledge (earth sciences) 10 (+16) Knowledge (history) 12 (+16)
Knowledge (martial arts) 12 (+16) Knowledge (nobility and royalty) 6 (+10) Knowledge (parapsychological sciences) 6 (+10)
Knowledge (physical sciences) 12 (+16) Knowledge (police sciences) 12 (+16) Knowledge (popular culture) 12 (+16)
Knowledge (streetwise) 12 (+16) Knowledge (tactics) 12 (+16) Knowledge (technology) 12 (+16)
Knowledge (theology & philosophy) 12 (+16) Language 14 (+14) Medicine 13 (+16)
Navigate 12 (+16) Notice 13 (+16) Perform (acting) 12 (+16)
Perform (comedy) 12 (+16) Perform (dance) 12 (+16) Perform (keyboards) 12 (+16)
Perform (oratory) 12 (+16) Perform (percussion instruments) 12 (+16) Perform (singing) 12 (+16)
Perform (stringed instruments) 12 (+16) Perform (wind instruments) 12 (+16) Pilot 13 (+16)
Profession (Adventurer) 13 (+16) Repair 12 (+16) Research 12 (+16)
Ride 11 (+16) Search 12 (+16) Sense Motive 13 (+16)
Sleight of Hand 11 (+16) Stealth 13 (+16) Survival 13 (+16)
Swim 13 (+16)
Benefit (wealth) 6 Combat Awareness Crippling Blow
Deadly Aim Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 7
Dodge Focus 5 Eidetic Memory Endurance 3 (+12)
Equipment 55 Eyes in the Back of the Head Fascinate (Diplomacy)
Fearless First Strike Genius 2
Improved Disarm 2 Improved Grab Improved Initiative 3
Improved Pin Improved Throw Improvised Tools
Inventor Jack-of-All-Trades Leadership
Light Sleeper Martial Artist Martial Strike 7
Master Plan Mechanical Genius (Vehicles) Move-by Action
Perfect Timing Power Attack Prone Fighting
Quick Draw Rallying Cry Rousing Speech (Diplomacy)
Sea Legs 2 Stunning Attack Wallop
Wealth 35 Well-Informed Well-Known 3
Binoculars Blowgun Bow (compound)
Burglar’s Kit Carbine Cutlass
Demolitions Kit Disguise Kit 3x Dynamite
Electronics Kit First Aid Kit Flash Goggles
Flashlight Gas Mask Handcuffs
Leather Jacket Light Machine Gun Machete
Medkit (Basic) Multi-Tool Pump Shotgun
Tactical Vest Whip
Airliner / Cargo Plane Army Truck
Bicycle Combat Motorcycle
Combat Van Coupe / Roadster
Destroyer (Golden Age) Leviathan
Stingray Touring Car / Limo
Attack Bonus:
Ranged: +10
Melee: +10
Grapple: +13
Blowgun +10 (DC 21) Bow (compound) +10 (DC 21) Carbine +10 (DC 19) Cutlass +10 (DC 21)
Dynamite (DC Ref 15) Light Machine Gun +10 (DC 20) Machete +10 (DC 21) Pump Shotgun +10 (DC 21)
Unarmed Attack +10 (DC 25) Whip +10 (DC 18)
Defense: 15 Flat-footed: 10 Knockback: -5
Initiative: +15
Arabic Chinese (Mandarin) French
German Greek Hebrew
Japanese Korean Latin
English Persian Portuguese
Russian Spanish Turkish

The fantastic tale of the Engineer of the Impossible actually begins nearly a century earlier with a fortune-hunter named Achilles Stewart. Beginning as a freelance adventurer and procurer of unusual relics, Achilles spent much of the nineteenth century brushing up against powers beyond his ken. He liberated ancient and horrible idols from decrepit tombs, fought bandits and rustlers on the plains with a hero of the West and his faithful Indian companion, hacked through darkest Africa with the Lord of the Jungle turned English Lord, rode the waves of time on a contraption of brass and steam, and fought alongside a fellow Earthman across the red deserts of Mars. As the turn of the century loomed, so did Achilles’ greatest adventure—fatherhood.

Every day saw the corners of the known world pushed aside. This was literally true as more and more of the world was fully explored and mapped, but was also true in the areas of human endeavor. Realizing that the World of Tomorrow would be ruled by science and technology, Achilles set out to train his son as the ultimate problem-solver in a world of science. With his vast fortune and several of the greatest minds the world had to offer, Achilles began Ajax’s training mere days after his birth. A regimen of nutrition, exercise, and mental acuity was devised, but constantly improved upon as new data and scientific breakthroughs became available. By the time the boy was in his teens, Ajax was already a master of numerous physical and mental disciplines. Few men could match him in physical and intellectual prowess.

Achilles would not live to see his son fulfill his destiny. On the eve of Ajax’s thirteenth birthday, Achilles departed on an ill-fated expedition to the recently discovered Enigma Isles. He disappeared. By Ajax’s twenty-first year, he was feeling the same wanderlust that had driven his father to travel the world. Thus began his fabled career that culminated in the creation of Stewart TroubleShooting, Incorporated. Ajax even managed to discover the fate of his father’s expedition more than two decades after his disappearance. Ajax solved that mystery on the very same day that he met the woman to which he proposed, Shiarra, the Mistress of Tooth and Claw.

Today, Ajax is a man totally comfortable with himself in any situation. He has grown into the perfect problem-solver that his father hoped to create. His is also the Chief Executive Officer of one of the strangest companies that the world has ever known. Ajax realizes that is life is as much due to his remarkable heritage and uncanny upbringing as it is to any personal achievement. With this always in mind, he is simultaneously the most capable and humble man one could meet. Tall, square jawed, and handsome with a strong baritone voice, Ajax is a man that every woman wants to have and every man wants to be like.

Ajax Stewart

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