Insane Fire Elemental


Power Level: 10;

STR: + 0 (11)
DEX: + 4 (18)
CON: + 1 (13)
INT: + 1 (12)
WIS: + 2 (14)
CHA: + 2 (15)

Tough: + 1/+ 9, Fort: + 7, Ref: + 7, Will: + 7

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+ 10), Concentration 8 (+ 10), Intimidate 6 (+ 8), Notice 4 (+ 6)

Languages: Native Language

Feats: Attack Specialization 2 (Blast 10), Improved Critical (Blast 10), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Startle, Wealth 8


  • Blast 10 (fire, DC 25)
  • Fire Aura (Strike 6) (fire, DC 21; Aura, Duration 2 (sustained))
  • Fire Control 10
  • Fire/Heat Immunity (Immunity 10) (fire, common descriptor: Fire/Heat)
  • Flight 5 (fire, Speed: 250 mph, 2200 ft./rnd)
  • Force Field 8 (fire, + 8 Toughness)

Attack Bonus: + 6 (Ranged: + 6, Melee: + 6, Grapple: + 6)


  • Blast 10, + 10 (DC 25)
  • Fire Aura (Strike 6), + 6 (DC 21)
  • Unarmed Attack, + 6 (DC 15)

Defense: 20 (Flat-footed: 15), Knockback: -4

Initiative: + 8


Real Name: Elliot Grimes

Grimes used his powers to cause significant death and destruction in Freedom City during the “Global Catastrophe.” After being apprehended by the Freedom Five, he was held at the Providence Asylum’s Meta-Human wing where he was treated for a Borderline Personality Disorder, and Pyromania.

A few weeks after his confinement, Grimes stopped showing signs of any meta-human abilities. Dr Ashley Ellis, the director of the facility diagnosed his mental illness as a side-effect of his powers. After one year of therapy, and medication, Dr Ellis declared Grimes cured, and due to his good behavior he was released on probation to a half-way house. During his time in the asylum Grimes worked in their Kitchen. He was good at it, and learned to love it. Once freed, he got a job as cook at a local diner, and became a model citizen.

With tragic irony, the owner, decided to burn down the diner so that he could use the insurance money to pay his gambling debts. The diner was supposed to be empty, but Grimes had decided to go into work early to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning. Grimes survived the exploding gas line, but was severely burned on over 40% of his body.

This tragedy somehow reignited his Powers and Brimstone went on another fiery rampage. He was apprehended by Psynapse, who used his mind control powers to change Grimes’ pyromania into pyrophobia, making him afraid to use his own powers. Sadly, this also prevents him from being able to cook with anything other than a microwave for fear of getting burned.

Grimes was returned to the Providence Asylum, but he recently escaped and his whereabouts are unknown.


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