Doc Otaku


Solo Takashi was a genius almost from the time he was born. He spoke five languages by the time he was seven years old and earned his first doctorate at the age of 12. Unfortunately, Takashi was bored. He lacked challenge and he wanted to have peers, intellectual equals. He also wanted to have some fun.

He jumped at the opportunity to study with David Dalus, one of the greatest scientific minds in the world. But he quickly decided that Dalus was a scared old man unwilling to take risks or let anyone else take them, either. He didn’t encourage Takashi’s potential, he only tried to limit and control it. He was full of warnings and talk about patience, but Takashi saw the truth: Dalus was jealous of him, like they all were, jealous of his brilliance and potential.

When Dalus discovered that Takashi was committing crimes and selling his work to the Foundry, he confronted the young scientist and gave him a chance to own up to what he had done. That ended their working relationship. Takashi went underground, determined to prove himself the intellectual superior. So began the career of Doc Otaku.
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In the past few years, Doc Otaku has plagued the heroes of Freedom City, and the world with the fruits of his twisted genius, ranging from video games and anime come to life to giant robot monsters rampaging through the streets of Tokyo or Freedom City. He’s only been apprehended once before, and he’s shown that a conventional prison facility has little chance of holding him for long.

Doc Otaku, as his name implies, isn’t very in touch with reality. He’s a bored young genius looking for a new challenge but still very much a boy playing with his new toys. He has no real awareness or empathy for the trouble that he causes; he only cares whether or not he wins the game. He looks down on most people as his intellectual inferiors and likes to taunt them for it.

Doc Otaku is one of the most brilliant inventive minds in the world. He’s capable in nearly all fields of knowledge and science, but his specialty is robotics and the creation of various mecha, ranging from the Angel Androids to giant robot monsters. He’s also a master of computer hardware and software, and he even created the sophisticated battle-suit he wears.

Doc Otaku usually operates behind the scenes, sending mecha out to do his work for him. The Angel Androids are his assistants, bodyguards, and agents. Takashi has been known to use android duplicates of himself as decoys in case heroes manage to track down his hidden bases. He also doesn’t hesitate to use his mecha to create distractions to allow him to escape when the “game” is over.

Doc Otaku

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