Heather McMurray

Wife of Kirt McMurray, AKA Wire


A fiery red head. Don’t mess with her or her family. A elementary school art teacher. She’s irish and believes in the luck of the four leaf clover. Mother to Adam and Hope, wife to Kirt aka The Wire.

Often takes on more than she can chew, but always seems to overcome and tackle the workload beating it down.

She herself is an inspiring artist herself and paints. She has been working on illustrations for a series of children books involving a cuddly and cute sloth and friends who tackle the simple problems of a 3-6 year old would face.

She always worries about her husband and his line of work and wishes he’d quit, but never saying or outwardly showing him as she knows deep down it is to protect the family and ultimately the world.

Heather McMurray

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