Miniature radioactive blaster


Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 150/150

Abilities & Saves

STR: – 5 (8/1)
DEX: + 1 (12)
CON: + 3 (16)
INT: + 0 (11)
WIS: + 0 (10)
CHA: + 1 (12)

Tough: + 10/+ 6, Fort: + 5, Ref: + 11, Will: + 5


Bluff 14 (+ 15) Concentration 10 (+ 10) Drive 6 (+ 7)
Handle Animal 1 (+ 2) Knowledge (art) 2 (+ 2) Language 2 (+ 2)
Notice 8 (+ 8) Perform (keyboards) 4 (+ 5) Pilot 6 (+ 7)
Profession (real estate) 5 (+ 5) Ride 2 (+ 3) Search 6 (+ 6)
Swim 6 (+ 1)

Languages: English, French, Italian


  • Attack Focus (ranged) 2
  • Benefit 2 (status)
  • Benefit 5 (wealth)
  • Distract (Bluff)
  • Evasion 2
  • Improved Critical (neutrino blast (Blast 10))
  • Wealth 9


  • Anti-cosmic (Immunity 5) (damage type: Cosmic)
  • Anti-radiation (Immunity 5) (damage type: Radiation)
  • Flight 10 (Speed: 10000 mph, 88000 ft./rnd; Duration (concentration))
  • Immunity 5 (entrapment; Unreliable)
  • Immunity 9 (life support)
  • neutrino blast (Blast 10) (radiation, DC 25; Alternate Save (Fortitude); Ricochet 2 (2 bounces); Full Power, Custom (non-lethal))
  • neutrino power (Shrinking 16) (radiation, -16 STR, -4 Toughness, -4 size categories, 1/8 movement speed)
  • night sight (Super-Senses 1) (ultravision)
  • Protection 7 (+7 Toughness; Impervious; Custom (ranged only))
  • sonic vibration (Super-Senses 4) (accurate (type): hearing)
  • Space Travel 3 (Speed: 5x light speed)


Attack Bonus: +8 (Ranged: +10, Melee: +8, Grapple: -21)
Defense: 20 (Flat-footed: 15), Size: Medium/Fine, Knockback: -2
Initiative: +1


  • Neutrino blast (Blast 10), +10 (DC Fort 25)
  • Unarmed Attack, +8 (DC 10)


  • Normal Identity, uncommon, have to be outside to activate my powers
  • Vulnerable, uncommon, minor, cold based attacks

Eric Halliday

Male; Age: 28;
Height: 5’ 9";
Weight: 145 lb.
Eyes: Hazel;
Hair: Red

Eric is the only great-grandson of Ebby Halliday a famous local real estate developer. Set for life money wise he never really wanted to do anything except drive fast cars, fly his plane and sale the occasional piece of real estate.

Last year he went backpacking up in the Canadian Rockies and stumbled across the location of the Meteor strike. He could not get to the site since the government had sealed it away from the public but he managed to buy a few grains of the site from a disgruntled lab technician. As a joke that evening he snorted the grains along with a couple of lines of coke. “The most expensive high ever!”…… and promptly forgot about it.

About a month later while touring the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland with his girlfriend he had a breakout moment when he got separated from the tour group and he got closed in a room for a few minutes during a run. He was perfectly safe but did not realize this and freaked out. Since that time he has been Neutrino. A meta-human with the ability to shrink his size, fly around, and shoot a devastating ultra high radiation pulse blast. He has also straighten up his act. Granted these powers he feels a sense of responsibility and empowerment that he never really felt with his money. Pulling a few strings he got in the FBI training center’s Paragon Development Program, graduated, and recently assigned to Dallas.


He has a long time girlfriend named Melinda Heart he has been living with for the past year. She is aware of his identity as is the rest of his family. In fact he has been very open with his identity with the press and his family. Melinda likes his money and the social life this brings and even likes the publicity that his Paragon exploits bring.

His father died when he was ten and he does not remember a lot about him. His mother is an alcoholic that has been in and out of rehab several times but just cannot seem to quit. She lives in a nice home in west Freedom City, near the park, and is on a couple of charity committees. She will also serve food for a few hours at a soup kitchen twice a year around Christmas. She is currently dating a nice guy name Herman something but has been married 3 times since Eric’s dad died but her alcohol problem usually gets in the way. Eric loves his mom and will usually try and see her a couple of times a month.

His dad had 2 older brothers that were in Vietnam. One was killed and the other, Frank, lost his legs and weird-ed out for a while. He finally got himself kind of back together and works for the Wyrd foundation as one of their spokesmen for disabled veterans and the homeless. He and Eric have never really been close but they do see each other at public fundraisers.

Since Eric has joined the FBI things have really gone down hill. The world was attacked and almost completely destroyed. Melinda Hart is missing and his Great-Grandmother died and her will was destroyed. So he suddenly only has his working friends in the FBI. Then he and his friends are sent on a cross-dementional caper where they are in a “modern world” where Roma never fell and then they jumped to a world where WWII is in full swing but the “heroes” of Freedom City are acting very suspicious. Just great. He is broke, his some-times piece of ass is missing, and he is stuck in a multi-verse with a stupid computer program calling itself P.A.U.L.

After returning from the multi-demensional jumps Earth was a big mess. Huge loss of life and Melinda was missing. Eric ran around and tried to help out but he was really ineffective. This gave him a lot of trouble and was a staggering blow to his sense of worth. Melinda was eventually found but Eric and her could not get back together.

Eric has since started dating and then became engaged to a woman named Juanita Valtos. No date for the wedding has been set yet.


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