Rex Roman

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Rex Roman is a true entrepreneur. At age 52, he has spent his life purchasing small businesses, and turning them into remarkably profitable businesses. However, once they become successful, he sells the business in order to start again. His most recent project has been DeCosta Construction. He purchased this struggling business for pennies per share and has turned it into a thriving operation. What once was a company just local to Freedom City is now helping to rebuild cities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York from the devastation of the otherworldly attack.

Son of Linda and Jon Roman, Rex was delivered in a home birth by midwife Juliana Schwep, in the Roman family home in Galway, New York on February 12, 1959. On April 12, 1979, he was involved in an automobile accident that killed his parents. He was treated at St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam, NY for a knee injury. He was then treated periodically for chronic leg pain and has walked with a cane since.

On June 10, 1985 he married Elizabeth Johnson. On November 12, 1987 his was divorce finalized, citing irreconcilable differences.

On January 9, 1988 he relocated to San Jose California. He then purchased a small struggling silicon wafer manufacturer. In 1990, he sold the business at a profit of 10 Million Dollars. He has bought and sold numerous businesses since including a cookie company in Denver, Co, a drug store chain in Seattle, WA, a custom motorcycle manufacturer in Austin TX, a furniture manufacturer in Charlotte NC, etc, etc.

He has an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands and has been under investigation by the SEC for insider trading, but they have found no conclusive evidence.

Although you cannot find any evidence to prove it, his records appear fabricated.

Rex Roman

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