The Freedom Five

Lurking In The Shadows...

= Television playing National Anthem = This concludes our regularly scheduled programming. Stay tuned for the next six hours of paid advertizing.

=snort= Zzz.z…z…

“Frahhzah…” =drool= “HUH!…” Kirt snaps awake his eyes adjusting and regaining his senses from his extended nap on the living room sofa. Looking about the room it’s obviously late and everyone has gone off to bed. Taking a look at the clock on the display of the DVD player his eyes still adjusting he rubs them and looks on back; “3:01am,” he says a bit groggily as he sits up on the couch scratching his chest.

“What… the….” Kirt says while watching the infomercial on the television looking for his slippers and talking to himself, “The Tiddy Bear… I.. I really don’t know what to say.”

Finds his pinky bunny slippers that he received for Christmas from the kids he stands up yawning and stretches shuffling towards the kitchen and scratches his butt through his sweatpants. Licking his lips and clearing his throat as he makes his way over yo the fridge to grab the carton of milk out and take a swig leaning on the counter. The light from the fridge illuminating the pile of mail by him on the counter top as he looks through it.

“Coupons… Dell Catalog… You Have Won 1,000,000 Dollars… Junk…” he reads off the mail as he sorts through it, “All junk,” he says after taking one last swig of the milk leaving a miniscule amount left in the carton.

“I can’t believe there is a market for such things… Pajama Jeans,” muttering to himself as he sits back down on the couch. “I make super cool devices at work, and Hope can McGuyver them from almost anything.” Kirt rubs his stubble his 5 o’clock shadow his become a bit more like a 9 or 10. “Past two big missions we’ve been in I’ve been hurt bad. You’d think after all what happened to our world the bad guys would be a little less bad. It seems they got worse. If they only knew everything that went on behind their backs and right under their noses,” he inner monologues.

“Hm…” Kirt grunts casually smelling his shirt. “Eh… not to bad. Late night infomercial television is terrible. However, I have been roped into buying that Soda Stream and a Jack Lalane’s Juicer… Magic Bullets, FlowBee, a few Snuggies.”

“Daddy..?” a sleepy eyed Hope in her pink onesie asks as she stands there gripping her blanket, “I had a unpleasant dream. I think there may be a monster under my bed, but I am sticking to the null hypothesis that there is no monster under my bed, but can you check anyways, daddy?”

Kirt smiles turning off the television and goes to Hope and takes her by the hand, “You got it sweetie, and if there is one we’ll build a monster scare ray gun to scare them right back.”

Hope considers that last part for a moment making a ray gun, but she uses her free hand to run the sleep from her eyes and holds onto Kirt’s hand a bit more tightly.

Lifting up Hope into his arms and pushes open the door to her room, “Hello… any monsters in here?”

Kirt steps into Hope’s room seeing partially built inventions built from toys, and her Legos scattered across the floor from the moonlight shining in through the window as he makes his way to the closet opening the door with his foot, “Monsters?”

Hope squirms sleepily in Kirt’s arms.

Placing Hope on the bed he kneels down looking underneath and asks again, “Monsters?” Kirt shrugs and looks up at Hope, “No.. no monsters here pumpkinpuss.” Standing up he tucks her in and kisses her forehead gently, “Now get some sleep, love you.”

Hope groggily responds already fast falling asleep, “Wuv woo to.. da…ddy…”

Shutting the door gently he makes his way towards the master bedroom when he gets a chill running down his spine. Turning to look behind him, but seeing nothing. “Hm…” he says continuing to walk towards the bedroom feeling a bit uncomfortable as he turns in for the night.

Freedom Ledger

Here is a Newspaper showing some of the recent events in Freedom City. Check out the headlines. I didn’t take the time to write the actual articles. If you have questions, about the articles, I will gladly answer them at the game table.

Freedom ledger

The Wire's Secret Database

Profile nutrino 2

Reunion in the Savage Lands

Kirt sat there with his wife, and two kids inside a hut. Looking about the room seeing a large cot, two smaller ones right by it, a table, and several chairs, which they were seated at.

“It is so good to see you again… I had thought I was going to be swept away again for some undetermined amount of time again,” he says looking into Heather’s eyes taking her hand.

With a sigh she nods, “I want you to know I never gave up hope and awaited your return, as I will do always,” placing her free hand on the side of his face.

Moving his head into her hand rubbing it like a cat on some furniture he looks sad, “I hate how I can be snatched away at any moment. It is enough to make you batty.”

Adam chimes in with some humor, “Like Batman, dad? Cause… he’s a BAT get it? Batty!”

Kirt and Heather both laugh as he gets up and goes to his son an ruffles his hair, “Yes like Batman!”

Hope resonates, “I will play the role of your sidekick Robin, father.”

Kirt sits Indian style on the floor and grabs Hope and starts to tickle her.

Trying to flee from her father’s grasp, “Da…dad-hehe s-stop! You … can’t make me… cause involuntary twitching movements and or laug-HA-ter!”

Heather soon gets up and joins in the fun poking at Adam trying to get him as well. “Come here you little rascal!”

Adam dodges his mothers grasp and laughs at her, “Missed me! Missed me!”

Together after several moments of laughter they sit there on the floor and gather their breaths when a grunt an pounding is at the door. One of the tribesmen makes hand gestures of drink and eating, snorting at them before heading off.

Kirt looks at his family, “I guess it’s time for food?” He stands up dusting off his pants, “Shall we McMurry Clan?” He hoists up Hope onto his back.

Heather taking Adam’s hand nodding with a smile,“We shall!”

Heading out of the hut Kirt remarks hearing about strawberries the size of your head as they wander off to the feast in the land of the lost. Hope of course says that strawberries cannot be that size and it is impossible, boy is she going to be in for a treat.

Halliday Troubles! (Holiday Troubles)

The hustle and bustle of the last minuet shopping for the holiday and the upcoming Halliday as well. Kirt sighs as some old woman gives him the finger as he took the last Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo off the shelf and proceeded to ram her cart into his. Turning to look at her he hands over the toy to her, “/Have/ a /GREAT/ Christmas mam.” he replies sarcastically. She quickly snatches the toy from him like a ravenous dog eating for the first time in days.

Walking away from her and thinking to himself “she’s just full of holiday cheer” while spotting a Fijit Friends Interactive Robotic Toy on the shelf, “This would be more up Hope’s alley.” Taking one down off the shelf and looking at it when his phone rings, checking the caller ID it’s Heather.

“It’s your dime… how’s it going with you muffincakes? Are people just filled with…” , he eyes the old woman as she passes him by in the aisle, “…HOLIDAY JOY?” speaking loudly so she hears.

“Oh it’s great here… " Heather begins to say, but Hope interrupts her “Mommy… Mommy… Mommy! Tell Daddy that Dimes aren’t used to make phone calls anymore, especially on a cellular network. Also, you can plainly see that there is no storage capacity to house a dime inside the cellular device as the design specifications… Instead cellular plans are based on minuets or…” Heather cuts her off, “Hope not now, Mommy’s on the phone with Daddy.”

“By your tone I see you are enjoying your shopping trip. As for me, I’m trying to find the kids some swim suits and toys to take on the trip, but everything is Spring fashions.” she sighs.

Continuing to walk down the aisle and picking out some Transformers for Adam, “Yeah it’s a mad house here. Some lady gave me the finger… was great.” He responds to her.

Laughing Heather replies to him, “Maybe she was saying you were number one. I know you are number one to me.” Hope interrupts again, “And me too Daddy!”

Laughing back at Heather and Hope, “haha… I love you both too. I can look for some things here at the good ‘ol Wally World. I’m sure they have some things.”

“Oh that will be awesome, hun, thank you. I’ve got most of the gifts for Adam and you done and I’ll be on the way home. We’re having Surprise Casserole tonight after I pick up Adam from Mom’s” Heather trying to keep Hope out of trouble as she looks at some erector sets in the toy aisle.

Heads out of the toys and to the clothing department, “Sounds like a plan and.. I love Surprise Casserole! My favorite! I’ll see you back at home later then hon, kissing noises

“Love you!” she says as she hangs up.

Kirt stops looking at some of the outfits in the kids section and looks around the busy store… this could have been all gone … his world gone. Now the news that he is being targeted to be assassinated, and that Vance isn’t Vance. It makes his head spin, but that feeling was short lived as a explosion rocks the store and the lights flicker on and off. With the sound of shattering glass the front doors of the department store shatter sending glass shrapnel everywhere as a female walks in with some thugs on her arm.

“Christmas has been overcast and a ice storm is here to chill you all out!” She laughs, “Icy-Kill will freeze you all in your tracks and take your cold hard cash! Get them boys!”

Looking around and seeing the wounded he breaks into action and activates his power making his way to the front of the store and sending a message to his team for assistance.

Icy-kill makes her way to the cashiers and grabs a microphone as she yells into it creating some nasty feedback, “Don’t even think of trying to escape… I’ve iced over the exits, just sit tight and enjoy the wintery mix!” Extending her hands causing the temperature of the store drop into the freezing range, “Your cries mean nothing to me as I am quite cold to your pleas.”

Kirt continues forth walking through the clothes and displays seeing the thugs fan out grabbing purses and demanding wallets. “Hey… Ice Queen. You’ve picked the wrong day to create such a flurry.” Kirt launching a blinding display of lights at her trying to dazzle her.

Throwing up her arms to try and block the dazzling display she curses him, “Arrghhh! Snow fair! I wasn’t prepared for that.”

Wire activating his aura as he sees the thugs run after him a few of them foolishly trying to grab him and some trying to tackle him passing through rolling around on the ground stunned looking down at them, “Shocking… isn’t it?”

Icy-kill hops off the counter she was on blinking away the spots from her eyes seeing The Wire fast approaching her, “Yah ain’t going to spoil my forecast darlin’” She extends her hands at him blasting forth a cone of absolute cold, “Sorry to give you the cold shoulder, but you ain’t putting me on ice, but you on the other hand.”

Stumbling back feeling the cold rip through his body he grunts feeling it’s icy bite, but he presses on, shaken, but not stirred. “Looks like I gotta turn up the heat if I’m going to take you down, Frosty.” Shaking off the chill.

Icy-kill laughs, “Much as I like this banter… I ain’t going to the cooler.” She calls out to her remaining thugs and they grab some civilians, “You’ve got a choice… save the hostages, or stop me. Whata chilling thought.”

Looking at the several of the people grabbed as they struggle and then back at Icy-kill, “Let them go you cold hearted…” He turns and heads for the civilians and looks back at Icy-Kill, “Remember… If I see you again revenge is a dish best served cold.”

“Oh.. I know… I serve it the best, hero, but this is Christmas so I have a parting gift…” Throwing her head back she lets out a tremendous burst of cold air as the pipes for the fire suppression system burst showering down everyone in the store with icy pellets and sharp shards of ice. “Come on fellas let’s get ouuta here!” She yells to the remaining thugs as they throws down their hostages and grab whatever loot they managed to steal.

Knocked back by the blast onto the floor feeling the ice hit him like multiple pin pricks cutting him all over he returns back to his normal form and heads over to the injured. As the cold inside the store dissipates after Icy-kill left.

Icy-kill steps outside and she laughs, “Hero, HA—-” She falls to the ground after a smack across the face, a welt forming from a well placed boomerang hit.

Kirt gabs some first aid from the store shelves and starts to bandage up people as the sound of the police and paramedics arrive outside. The older woman comes up to him and smiles holding his arm and apologizes for her rude outburst earlier handing him the toy. “No… keep it.” he says as he finishes bandaging up some people.

Seeing his team enter he looks and them with a nod and then at the people scrambling around the store. Walking off to the side to phone Heather, “Keep the plate warm… I’m going to be late. I had enough cold for one day.”

A trip for all!

Come one come all we are heading out on the Halliday express for the Bahamas!. Bring your bathing suits, and your sun tan oil as we spend seven wonderful days sailing around the Carribian.

First we will fly out on a private jet to Naussa, Bahamas on Jan 28th at 10:00 am.
Learjet35c21a kp

We will be landing at Naussa airport at 2:00 pm and spend the rest of the day exploring the duty free market in Naussa. We will meet that evening at 8:00 pm at the pier to board the schooner Mephisto.
563x416 schooner main profile 116741  001
From there we will spend the next 5 days exploring the islands of the bahamas and then get back to Naussa on the 3rd and then fligh back on the 4th.
299 w

Remember to get your passports renewed or filled out! Including children.

The Yacht has room for 10 passengers and a crew of 4.
Right now I have:]
Kennedy +1
Ironhide +1
myself +1
Kurt +3
Vance if you bring a guest please let me know and we can add them on the list.
I plan on having hammocks for the kids to sleep in just like sailors have done it for hundreds of years.
Some meals will be prepared on Naussa before hand but there will also be plenty of ooprtunites for anyone who wants to cook to do so. Please let me know if there are any dietary restrictions I need to know about.
I should have several snorkeling outfits but the kids may need to get their own to make sure they fit. We will also have some fishing gear for those who want to try their luck at that and I will have a couple of set of skindiving equipement but do not have the air compress to refill them. If you are really wanting to get some dive time In I will pick one up in Nassau.

Let me know if there is anything else you thnk we might need to have a fun filled week on the water.


Kennedy's Holiday

Coming back home in the middle of the shopping season for Christmas set off a small dose of panic that grew each day. First, she had to reconnect with the family that had all but declared her dead, to get to know the parents she’d deceived and a little brother who had grown in the 18 months she’d been gone. Then, to unfreeze her accounts, take stock of what was available, then to go shopping like a madwoman.

For her father, a new Mont Blanc pen to use at work; her mother, a week at an exclusive spa so that she could rest her nerves. Bryce was going to receive a collection of video games that were the best, latest ones to go with the system he had. As for Magni, well, that took time and thought, because, what did you get for a god?

The rest of the time has been split between trying to reconnect with the remainder of her life her duties as a super hero. She granted Kirt a lunch meeting, in his desperate effort to try and salvage their friendship. She still had mixed feelings regarding that but tried to resolve them as best she could for the sake of all their years of knowing one another.

Toys for Bots


The Toys for Bots campaign is a cross promotional charitable effort from the U.S. Marine’s Toys for Tots Foundation and the Fun-Time Toy Company who is matching every $10 in donated toys with one of their third generation RoboPets. It is being coordinated by retired General Roland Teague and Fun-Time Toys Marketing Director Janet Lee.

Fun time toys

Kirt's Holiday

Kirt spend the first week he was back to spend time with his family and reacclimate himself with his family spending time with his wife Heather, two kids Hope and Adam, and extended family attending family events and dinners. He has attended a few consoling sessions to talk about his experiences in the other dimensions. When he is not at OHMA doing that he has been going around Christmas shopping with Heather and the Kids and seeing the city and how the rebuilding progress is going.

During the day, until he has been cleared for field work the rest of his time he has been busy filing and organizing files at the OHMA office. With his off time he has spent some time with his fellow teammates and friends like Psynapse, also Cleric who have been updating him on what has gone on around the city, and the world. He has also been trying to talk with Kennedy and trying to patch things up. It’s a difficult and rocky road, but one he must mend. Lastly, he has been trying to research the Bots for Tots as well. Just something has been making his “spider sense tingle” and wants to know more about this charity and organization.

During his nights, Heather has asked Kirt to change his mancave, which hasn’t been touched since his departure, except only to clean into a room for Adam so Adam and Hope can have their own separate rooms for a Christmas present for him.


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