The Freedom Five

Who protects the city when the Freedom Five are down?

Introducing: The Sentinels of Freedom!

Karya – Valkyrie warrior
Cleric – Cybernetic Hero with advanced polymer armor, but a heart of gold.
Portal – Master of teleportation.
Sparrowhawk – Trained as a ninja assassin, but has dedicated her life to protecting freedom.
Magni – Norse God of strength, heir to the Asgardian Throne, and leader of the Sentinels of Freedom
. . . and, aiding the Sentinels is Vanz Hendrix – Master spy with luck on his side.

What's been happening with Neutrino

The heroes needed an invitation to the Freedom City Valentines Gala for The Children. Knowing his family was on the board for the charity, Eric turned to his mother for help. She agreed to get him two invitations, each with a “plus one,” but only if he and a partner appeared as official representatives of the Freedom Five, and if Eric proposed to his girlfriend, Juanita Vatos. “I need grandchildren,” she exclaimed! After the recent assassination attempts by the mysterious Orion the Hunter, Eric was a little reticent, for fear that he would be putting others at risk, but he agreed.

Now this is when things get blurry so regardless of what actually happened, here’s what I have decided happened next:

After a nice evening of great music, dancing, wonderful food and drinks, Eric and Alex were called to the podium to address the attendees. Alex gave a terrific speech importance of recognizing and rewarding civic responsibility as part our daily lives, afterwards Eric used this moment to ask Juanita for her hand in marriage. She was stunned, but happily accepted. After the party, Eric, Juanita, Alex, and Elizabeth took Eric’s limousine back to the Plaza hotel. Juanita, exhausted from dancing, went up to her room to change into more comfortable shoes. A few minutes later, Eric received a text “Neutrino – if you ever wish to see Juanita alive again you had better come rescue her.”

He knew it was a trap, but he didn’t care. He ran out the front door of the building and as soon as he he felt the freezing starlit air, he activated his powers and flew up the side of building, shattering countless windows with an unintentional sonic boom, and flew through the window into his lover’s room. Suddenly heavy walls slammed down around the room, trapping him, and separating him from the very person he came to rescue. He tried to blast through the walls, but his powers didn’t seem to harm them. In fact they seemed to be absorbing his blasts. He then tried to smash through the walls by slamming at his top flight speed, thinking he would either break through the wall or shatter his own bones; instead he just lost all acceleration as he reached the wall. It was as though it absorbed the kinetic energy of the impact. He tried again, this time slamming into the floor. The result was much the same. He tried over and over again, until he noticed that his speed seemed to be diminishing. The walls weren’t just absorbing his kinetic energy, it was absorbing his powers. He also noticed that instead of his usual 12 inch height, he was almost 2 feet tall. Worried that he would continue to lose his powers, he returned to his normal form of Eric Halliday.

The walls began to glow with the image of a strange plum colored man. He began to monologue about the true origin of Neutrino’s powers. This man was an extra-terrestrial scientist, sent to perform tests on our sun. After completing 15 years of work in our solar system, he ship experienced a systems failure and crash landed on Earth at the French Swiss border. His ship needed major repairs, but earth lacked the materials needed so, disguised as a human, he manipulated humans into building the Large Hadron Collider which would allow him to re-energize his ships power core. Unfortunately, because of Eric’s meddling, instead of re-energizing his ship, it transformed Eric into Neutrino. Now he must take back that energy so that he can return to his home world. “I will have to succeed where that mercenary failed. It’s just unfortunate that the power can’t be separated from you… without killing you.”

A few moments later he threw his hands to his ears as in a pointless attempt to protect himself from the loudest sound he had ever experienced. It was the sound of Ironhide repeatedly punching the walls of the reverberating metal box. Eventually he was able to break his way through, but not before rupturing one of Eric’s eardrums. The alien escaped in his spacecraft, though still unable to escape earth’s gravity. Juanita was safe, but they both needed medical attention.

Eric could feel that his powers were slowly returning to him, but he also knew that somewhere out there, the strange alien was just waiting to try again.

What’s been happening with Ironhide?

After the Freedom Five spent time in a shrunken form in search of a seed of Viracocha, the Inca God of creation, the nanobots that maintain and repair Alex Irons body are malfunctioning. His body is not repairing damage as quickly, and his enhanced abilities have become inconsistent.

His sister, Jessica Irons and Professor Banner, the head of O.M.H.A’s sciences department have determined that the nanobots have developed a flaw in their programming that can only be corrected by locating a copy of their original base code. Jessica has developed an injection that is delaying his complete systems failure (her polite way of saying death), but they will have to find a sample of the original nanobots, or their creator to cure him.

They know that the nanobots were based on similar machines created by the brilliant but insane former owner of Fun-time Toys Desmond Lettam, now known as the supervillain Toy Boy, but questioning him determined that the illegal experiments that gave Ironhide his powers were performed by an unknown third party. Lettam suggests that Ironhide look into someone called Taurus.

Taurus’ existence is shrouded in rumor and myth. O.H.M.A. cannot confirm his existence, but they believe him to be the head of an underground crime organization possibly known as the Labyrinth. The only lead on Labyrinth is a criminal meta-human known as Rant. He once claimed to work for the Labyrinth, but has since denied this, claiming that his statement had been coerced by cops. After arranging for Rant’s sister Rave’s impending death sentence to be commuted, he revealed that he reported to Jonathan Grant of Grant Conglomerates and once overheard him on a conference call with someone called Taurus, but he refused to testify as such for fear of his life.

Unfortunately, this is where my notes get fuzzy. I remember you meeting Mr. Grant at the Valentine’s Day Gala, but I can’t remember what information you got from him. If you remember, please let me know.

All I remember about the Gala is that you met 4 interesting guests, Rex Roman, Beatrice Wyrd, Jonathan Grant, and Nicholas Diavolo.

The Chase Continues

The Red Raven’s trail disappeared into an icy canyon some twenty feet across. The rift overhead revealed only gray clouds. What light filters through the ice gives everything it touches a blue cast. A sudden gust of wind came down the tunnel, causing open flames to sputter. Up ahead, a strange glyph appeared carved into the glacial wall. As you paused to study it you were attacked by an Ice Mephit and an Air Mephit (small devil-like elemental creatures). Their bodies ceased to exist once you had defeated them. After the fight your wizard detected a slight magical glow of conjuration around the glyph, but was not able to determine anything more about it so your journeyed on. As the adventurers approached an intersection, a shadowy figure draped in a tattered red cloak dashed quickly around a corner away from them.

And this is where our next adventure will begin…

Tracking the Red Raven

The deadly cold of Freedom City is rapidly declining. The strange man known to you as P.A.U.L. has claimed that he can end the city’s suffering if you can bring him the Vernal Key, an artifact of unclear origin that can be found within the dream realm of the Imageria.

After you agreed to recover it, you found yourself in the identity of a fantasy character visiting Azurestone, a village in the highlands of the nation of Galt that is known for their unusually warm winter weather, for their Harvest Festival. While celebrating you learned that the Vernal Key is an ancient artifact that protects its surrounding area from the cold of winter. Unfortunately, the Key was stolen by the Red Raven, a thief-revolutionary known for stealing from the rich and powerful and for helping the poor.

In order to compensate for causing trouble in a bar the night before, you agreed to recover the Key for the village. Lead by a local hunter, you followed the Red Raven’s trail up into the mountains. After avoiding several traps laid by the Raven’s followers, you located their camp and through diplomacy, they revealed that the Red Raven’s love is believed to be trapped in the labyrinth hidden beneath the treasury of the Jarl of the North Wind. This mythical treasure is hidden somewhere high in the mountains. Little is known about this Jarl, and up until now, he and his treasury was believed by most to be a false rumor. Others have traveled high into the mountains questing for the treasure, never to return. Most people believe that they were killed, either by the harsh weather or by more common mountain threats like an avalanche or griffins.

So far, the mountains have thrown at you a juvenile white dragon, strange Wolf/Deer hybrids called Muntjacs, and mephits. The terrain has transitioned snow covered rocks and trees to an icy path devoid of vegetation.

You know that you are very near to the Red Raven. Now you just have to find him, and either help him rescue his beloved, convince him to abandon her, or just take the Key from him and leave them both behind. Of course that is assuming you survive what other threats await you.

Pathfinder Intro

Pathfinder Intro

Somewhere Between Chicago and Freedom City

Somewhere Between Chicago and Freedom City.

Neutrino, Eric to his friends was flying along thinking deep thoughts. He had to concentrate some on flying, otherwise he would plummet like a rock but, still he had time to think about other things and thinking was not really Eric’s strong suit.

The fight with Juanita being a perfect example. He had an assassin trying to kill him, and he pulled her right into it, and only told her about it at the last second. He, Eric, had just assumed that the assassin would only target him and so anyone with him would be perfectly safe. That was the way he, Eric would do it so why would anyone else be different?

It was stupid on his part and he could see why Juanita was so angry and then the whole alien abduction thing in her house, on top of that was not good. She had been really shaken up. Her whole foundation had been rocked and he could understand when she said she had to get away for a while and think things out.

He really did not want to lose Juanita, they seems to really click but, she had been really shaken up. Life really sucked sometimes.

His Cellphone beeped at him. Reaching into the pocket of his costume he pulled it out. A text from Ironhide.

He suddenly started falling and almost dropped the phone. Catching himself he continued concentrating on flying and glanced at the message. Meeting tonight to roll up characters for pathfinder game. Cool. Several hours away, he had plenty of time to make it.

Putting the phone away he then thought about what he would like to play. Something that could kick ass. Nero…I know Kung-Fu. A Monk. That sounds like fun. I wonder if monks will be allowed in the game?

Then catching sight of an American Airlines plane he slowed down and flew over to one of the windows. Stretching out his arms he could just anchor himself in the frame of the window like one of those suction-cup bears he had seen in car windows.

Looking in he watched the people in their seats for a bit until they noticed him and seemed to get upset. He could not hear anything but people pointing with their mouths open and they did not look like they were laughing… Great what did he do this time? I mean he had not been pulling on the wing like that old Twilight Zone episode he had heard about.

Releasing his grip he tumbled off the plane and then flew back toward it closely, waived and then zoomed off to make game night.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road
The Emerald City

The Wire while doing his thing at HQ surfing the web for more data on the recent happening here in Freedom City was approached by Hard Line and L33t, which are part of the Cyber-Crimes division at HQ. Orders have come down the chain to recruit The Wire for a mysterious Cyber Crime in The Emerald City.

Nothing marks Emerald City newcomers more than making a Munchkin joke in public. They think it’s clever, but to longtime residents they’re just being punch-ably obvious and annoying, so of course The Wire did the obvious when meeting the police chief, but of course that didn’t stop him from making more puns at the city’s expense.

The chief asked Freedom City’s Cyber Crime’s division for their help being a longtime old friend with the director at OHMA HQ. Strange things have been happening. A riddle was left after several banks were hit “When the money is scrambled to the very last cent, riots and hatred soon will commence. You may well ponder, while all your magnetic cash is squandered. To stop this horrible twisted trick, just exchange the poles of old Saint Nick.”

Soon after reading the riddle The Wire sprang into action his mind racing searching every variable he could think of on the internet when he was hit by a horrible mind numbing blast of energy that ripped through his skull like a hot knife through butter, scrambling him and leaving him in a dazed state.

Rushing to his side L33t and Hard Line picked their friend up and sat him down to rest. The Wire telling them he felt this very pain before when he faced off with his arch nemesis Fever Pitch, a Cyber Villain who had powers that also were Data Link in nature, but could be be used to hinder machines, and cause a powerful viral energy burst that could drain someone hit by it.

While it may only be a theory L33t and Hardline confirmed that Fever Pitch did indeed escape his prison cell and fled Freedom City. It looks like he had set up shop here, but the riddle is not his type of style. What did that all mean. Hardline and L33t hit the books the old-fashioned way and began investigating while The Wire recovered. It took most of the day, but by nightfall, the trio was back in action.

An alarm sounded off as the Second National Emerald City Bank was hit. By the time the trio arrived on the scene whoever did this was long gone, suspecting Fever Pitch, but what they didn’t expect was to see the doors to the bank all twisted and bent, and upon entry to the bank seeing the bank vault door ripped from it’s hinges and twisted like warped wood from being in the water too long. Fever Pitch cannot do something like this the group agreed. He must have help.

L33t and The Wire looked over the computers and noticed that anyone who had an account with the bank their funds were drained and accounts closed, or deleted. Several high profile people, and business dealt with this bank among them were tech boom companies like MarsTech and USNet. Their stock options tanked horribly after this devastating Cyber Crime attack. Hard Line felt strange something tugging at him, as he looked closer at the bent vault door, but couldn’t put his finger on it.

The trio unsure of what to do next decided that a nights rest may do them good, but The Wire was not sleepy. He has not been sleepy for a while just getting a few hours of rest is good enough for him usually. His mind went racing again, this time being more careful. He accessed Emerald City’s Criminal Database and Cross-Referenced it with OHMA’s Database for anything that could do what they had witnessed at the bank.

Hard Line awoke watching The Wire in his internet search trance moving unseen windows with his hands and talking to himself quietly. Hard Line, more muscle than brain, but still no slouch he figured it out. The pull he felt was that of a magnet. Whatever that had twisted, the doors and the vault like that had incredible powers of magnetism. Walking over to The Wire and trying to get his attention telling him what he had discovered. The two agreed and it fits the riddle. The Wire refined his search to list any local masters of magnetism, one name appeared to him and he said it aloud “DEATH MAGNETIC.”

The rest of the night and greater part of the morning he pulled up any resources he could on her to create a report while L33t still slept and Hard Line made a coffee and breakfast run. He compiled a profile on Death Magnetic and sent it to everyone’s portable device in an email.

To: Hard Line; L33t
Subject: Death Magnetic Profile

REAL NAME: Chelsea Lincoln
OCCUPATION: Information technology specialist (Former, now criminal)

She’s got all her wits about her, and has turned them all over to her dark side, guys. She seems like a handful.

Powers Observed:
Flight, Magnetism Control: Magnetic Energy Blasts, Magnetic Manipulation, Metallic Armor

Motivation –

She wants it all, and wants it now. She has hit banks, art shows, charity events, and auctions before.
She has quite a temper according to a psych profile.

~ Believe You Can and You Can! ~

That afternoon the trio meets back at the first precinct and speaks to the police chief learning of a gran event happening at Emerald City’s Museum that night. They are showing off the Grand Emerald of The Lost Pharaoh King Hetepsekhemwy. They all agree that this may be the place they hit tonight as all proceeds and donations are going to The Emerald City’s Children’s Wish Foundation. Several high profile guests will be there and local celebrities. The team makes a plan to be there in disguise.

Night approaches and the trio are all dressed as the wait staff in the event handing out drinks, and hors d’oeuvres as they watch closely the meets and greets, the conversations, all the way up to the unveiling, and that is when the unexpected happened. With a thunderous roar a herd of mechanical dinosaurs from another wing of the museum crash the party, literally and physically crash the party. Floating above in the air controlling the mechanical beasts of magnetic destruction is Death Magnetic as she attacks the crowd of people with her T-Rex chomping down on some innocent bystanders. From the same direction on the back of another dinosaur rides in Fever Pitch charging through on a triceratops. Announcing their arrival and they have come here for the emerald, and the donations.

The group spring into action Hardline going for the rampaging triceratops and Fever Pitch and L33t going to try and usher out people quickly as possible, The Wire charges for Death Magnetic and the tyrannosaur. The Wire knowing he could easily disable what is going on here with his newfound power, but that would also probably take out the entire city block. So he tries to wrestle control of the beast with his powers vs Death Magnetic’s magnetic grip over the beast. The beast twists and turns and the sounds of iron wrenching and twisting as they duke it out for control.

Hard Line stands in front of the rampaging triceratops and digs in being violently pushed back as the two clash, but with his might he grapples the beast trying to toss it to the side failing as Fever Pitch begins firing his virus blasts at him distracting him.

L33t continues to help people out quickly as he can aiding the people that need the help.

Death Magnetic tosses out something from her armored gauntlet a strange cloud of silvery shimmering mist blankets the surrounding area. Just as panic and flight are about to take hold, the cloud begins to swirl and it whips itself into a cyclonic mass of tiny blades caching some people in it whirling fury giving them hundreds of paper cut like gashes on their exposed flesh leaving the dead and injured. The fleeing panicked crowds charge for the doors trampling over L33t in an effort to get out rendering him unconscious.

Hard Line managing to shrug off a few of the blasts from Fever Pitch overturns his mount pinning him underneath the beast. The weight of the robotic dinosaur takes him out of the game as he can’t free himself allowing Hard Line to assist The Wire in his fight against Death Magnetic.

The Wire grabs hold of the tyrannosaurus for just a moment long enough to head butt Death Magnetic so she loses concentration on her tornado of tiny blades. When she becomes very angry blasting The Wire full on with a wave of magnetic fury causing him to flu backwards even in his intangible state. His brain feels scrambled like using a magnet on a hard drive he yells out to Hard Line.

Hard Line throws a chair at her striking her with it turning her anger on him for just a moment. Gaining control of the tyrannosaur again, she uses it to swipe at him knocking him down from the mighty tail sweep. As she tosses another cloud of silvery shimmering mist towards Hard Line.

The Wire shaking off his stunned condition begins to hatch a plan in order to stop her. He calls it fight Fire with Fire. Summoning his inner strength as he has done before to generate electricity, this time he completes several complex calculations in his head weighing on the probability of being able to accomplish this power feat and concentrates to try to turn his energy form into a magnetic one.

Hard Line puts up his arms to try and block the shimmering cloud as it picks up speed pelting him like a sharp rain of needles cutting him and biting into his exposed flesh as he tries to scramble to his feet.

Death Magnetic uses the dinosaur to take out any remaining bystanders’ that may be trapped using the beast’s weight to create a giant shockwave as it stomps on the ground tripping them up and knocking them down.

The Wire analyzing the situation watching Death Magnetic tilts his head to the side and smiles taking two steps forward and brings his arms together in a clap interlocking his fingers together and forming a double pointer finger barreled gun. With a bit of an educated guess he uses the same magnetic pole that Death Magnetic is using causing a tremendous magnetic knockback of force to her as she hits the wall behind her after flying a few feet knocking her out for the count. The Giant mechanical tyrannosaur shudders and collapses with a loud THUD onto the floor. The rains of tiny blades fall away harmlessly from Hard Line onto the ground.

The battle is over, and soon the paramedics arrive to assist the injured and help cart away any of the not so fortunate who died in this attack. Hard Line uses the power nullifying handcuffs and collar on Fever Pitch and Death Magnetic to take them into whatever prison Emerald City may have like Freedom City.

While it is a victory, it doesn’t feel like one, but at least the bad guys were stopped on their rampage. The Wire, Hard Line, and L33t gather their things and head for home the next day.

Cold Situation UPDATED

Correction: The data should have been Thursday, February 13th
Cold city

Super Questions *UPDATED*

Want to earn a Super Hero Point or just show off your spectacular memory? Reply to this post with a detailed and accurate answer to one of the following questions:

Who is Gallant and how did she get her powers?

Who are the two chilling super-villains that have been threatening Freedom City, What crimes have they committed, and what do we know about them?

What personal issues are happening to The Wire and Mr. Hendrix?

What personal issues are happening to Neutrino and Ironhide?

I want multiple players to be able to take advantage of this opportunity so please only respond to one question. If you want to earn more, you can post a short story, or find some other way to provide a significant benefit to our game. If you have an idea, but don’t know if it would be Super Hero Point worthy, just contact me and ask.
All submissions must be posted by 10 pm on Thursday, Feb 28 March 7.


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