The Freedom Five

Psynapse's Holiday Plans

Psynapse spent the first two weeks of December taking a large number of shifts patrolling Freedom City for OHMA. He was following the trail of a series of thefts involving a villain with cold based powers. Witnesses say he was a blue skinned man that called himself Glacier. Using his mental powers, he pushed the witnesses to forget the villains name just in case it was the same man that worked for OHMA.

He contacted the Fargo office and confirmed that Glacier is accounted for and has a solid alibi. After a few weeks, the trail went cold, so Psynapse decided to freeze the investigation (puns intended) and take his planned Christmas vacation. Since he doesn’t have much family, he will be spending the holiday distributing donated coats to the homeless and those still living in the Freedom Park Tent City, and helping with the construction of the Angela Beaudrie Shelter & Urgent Relocation Center; a large multi-story building that will provide temporary housing for citizens whose homes have been destroyed.

Holiday Invitation

Wyrd invite


Kennedy watched as Karya exited, the door closing behind her – not quite a slam, but with enough force to imply that the other woman was more than slightly miffed about something, though the guesses were short and unnecessary, Magni flipping the lock, the bolt sliding home as soon as it was secure. “Well, that was enlightening.” Her statement bordered on a query, more than a little off-balance by the appearance of the Valkyrie, along with all of the other changes that seemed to have happened while she was gone. Then again, only 18 months had passed – she was still mentally adjusting to losing 10 years that were steadily fading, much like steam from a mug of coffee.

Magni turned to her, dark red hair glinting in the spotlights by the door, frowning slightly at her tone. Advancing, he invaded her space, hands cupping her chin, cradling her face. “Kennedy, I don’t want her and she is no substitute for you, in any shape or form that this world can create. I wouldn’t accept that you were gone, but my grandfather refused to even look, no matter how much I begged. But you’re here, back, with me and I refuse to let you leave just yet.” Large, capable hands dropped over shoulders, skimming down her back, pulling her closer, flush to him. “Ask me, Kennedy; ask me into your bed.”

Kennedy shook with silent laughter, held fast by the look in his eyes. “Isn’t this your place? Shouldn’t you be inviting me in, asking me to share your bed?” She hated the small quaver to her voice at the end – after all, she’d been deposited here by Russell, coming in uninvited to Magni’s new place. She felt rough, dirty, an invader to a new realm. Her clothes were the same ones she’d left in after that last-minute summons to go on that fateful mission – now torn, ripped, barely there in some places, hanging by the thinnest of threads in others. She should have, at the least, gone home, showered, changed clothes, be presentable to the public eye, not some ragamuffin urchin on the street corner.

“Kennedy, will you come in? Will you share my bed, my life, with me?” Magni’s voice dropped, husky in her ear, so different from the other’s she’d known, the Magnus’ and other variations of the man in front of her. Even if he wasn’t the same Magni, her Magni, she was satisfied that he was similar enough to nod, her throat tight with emotion. She had to believe that she was home, really home.

Her pants were unhooked, pooling on the floor, his hands running down her legs, up from calf to thigh. The fabric of her shirt ripped, was discarded along the floor, flotsam that was swept away. He lunged, movement quick and blurring in her vision. His mouth didn’t merely take but possessed while large hands raced over her body, igniting raw, primitive need.

She tugged at the hem of his shirt, at the buttons, exposing flesh that she wanted, needed. Muscles jumped under her fingertips, the rough and smooth angles burning under her touch. Need leaped to craving as she tried to satisfy it, her mouth on his throat where his pulse beat, heavy and fast, her teeth on his shoulder where muscles tensed like wire. And the need only grew.

Magni could have taken her there and then, hard and fast, a tribute to the Vikings who had worshipped his family. She begged, pleaded for him to do so, to sate the craving before it consumed her. He swept her up, a sensation more akin to being dragged than carried, and she thrilled at it. When she was under him, she arched up, pressing urgently against him.

“Now. Now, now, now.”

She shouldn’t have wanted so much. But lust was brutal and she was a storm raging, slashing under him, around him, over him, a clash of light and dark, male and female, fire and thunder. Need, want, crawled along skin that warmed at the merest touch, fingertips that alternated between the barest of touches to that of clawing, scraping away, baring raw emotions that threatened to tear them both apart. Almost everything about him eroded at her self-control, the control that had seen her through ten long years, and she let it slip away. She needed more before she took it all.

Not to savor, since savoring would perhaps drive her mad, but to consume in great gulps of need.

Nails dug into the skin of his back, hips, as mouth and hands roamed, possessed. His hands were rough, ruthless for her, for himself. He wanted to see her break, shatter, for him. She cried out, nails digging deeper as she broke and he plunged into her.

She cried out, a strangled sound that gasped out pleasure. That pleasure whipped through her like a gale, again, again, until there was nothing else. Lost in the speed, drowning in the sensation, she drove as she was driven, with a kind of dark fury, clinging to him as he moved, as she was rendered into something small and mortal; a bright, burning fire that threatened to consume the immortal with its bright incandescence. Thunder sounded and lightning flashed, leaving something that dazzled behind the eyelids for moments after. He thrust deep; she rose high, their bodies sheened with the sweat of effort and greed. She saw his face above her, the tumble of red hair around it, burning blue eyes fixed on hers.
She tried to speak, to tell him…something. But all that would form was his name.

She lay stunned under him, breathless from the storm and from the full weight of him. They’d torn each other to bits, she thought, in every way but bloody. This had been more akin to a pitched battle with but one goal.

Give me all you’ve got, then give me more. Which, she concluded, explained the sensation of mild shock and smug satisfaction.

She stretched, languid, a mixture of contradictions – fire and shadow, candid face and female mystery, limbs tangled with his, the dim lighting catching the hint of rosy glow of her skin, the moonlight coming in through the skylight above turning the rest into silver, muting the copper of her hair. Magni held her close, face buried in the crook of her neck and shoulder, not willing to let her go even then. Kennedy relaxed against his warmth, wanting it as much as she had needed him earlier.

“In almost every reality, you were there.” She spoke softly, slowly, bringing to the fore the memories that were still there. “In the first one, you were a Roman gladiator and freedom fighter, in love with another woman. You weren’t there in the next one…or maybe, you were, but I didn’t have time to find you – it was the 1940’s, all nostalgic patriotic times and the impending doom of World War Two. The next was some odd place, a city with doors that led to other realms, but nothing like Asgard, with the doors leading back to the same place you left. But you were there, in the last one. Magnus, of the Horsemen.” She paused, remembering that other man, the one dazzled by the version of her there, following her to the surface world, joining the Troubleshooters as a reserve member, asking her to be his queen, to rule by his side. The one who had been the closest to the one who held her.

“Magnus of the Horseman? How odd. Were you in love with him?” He had to ask, hearing the note in her voice, fearing the answer but needing to hear it, no matter what she said. Though, would their reunion be as the way it was if she’d been with another? He rose on one bent elbow, studying her face, her eyes.

She shook her head, running a hand through his locks, feeling the shape of his head beneath her fingertips. “I came close, if that’s what you’re asking. Ten years there, with no way of knowing if the same amount of time was passing here, with no way of knowing if we’d ever come back. Ironhide refused to give up hope while Wire gave in after a year and a half. Hendricks and Neutrino were stuck in the bodies of children, growing up over that time. Magnus saw me, pursued me, much like you did, and I was tempted. But, in the end, I couldn’t, no matter how similar he was to you. I can only hope that the version of me that I left behind can do what I couldn’t. I hope that he’ll still be in love with her without me in control, in synch with that world.”

He nodded, moving, lifting her left hand to rub his thumb across the ring she still wore, light glinting on the metal of the band, fire shimmering from the gemstone there. Fingers curled around his, slim tapered tips slight, fragile next to his, yet able to lift tons, to crush rock almost as easily as he could. She, in turn, felt that way next to him, around him, something soft, tenuous, a phantom that threatened to be dispersed if he looked too closely. After the team had disappeared, he’d stepped up to be the symbol that they couldn’t, though the hopes of the world depended on them. Time had passed and there had been no word but the attacks had ceased their world no longer in danger from tearing itself apart and hopes had risen that they had been successful, that they’d come back to acclaim and gratitude.

But the heroes hadn’t appeared and fears arose that the victory had come at an unforeseen, feared, disastrous outcome. Families had solemnly prepared arrangements for their fallen, friends and strangers bonding in the common bond of sorrow. Dedications had been made, memorials given, with talks of a statue to be created of the ones who’d given their lives for them all. He’d stood by, taken part, and witnessed as the families of the ones who’d made their identities public, mourned with those of the ones who weren’t, her family at the forefront of that small group. He was the fiancé, the enigmatic man who claimed to be a Norse god, the one that their daughter was in love with. He was also another hero, a person with powers they couldn’t comprehend. He’d had to step back, to do his own mourning for the girl who’d shared so much with him. It took courage to stand up to Odin All-Father, to defy the mightiest of them, but she’d done just that, standing her ground when she’d arrived in Asgard. Now she was back, home, and had come to him first.

“We watched, waited, despaired. But you made it back here and we’re no longer in danger. The world is safe once more, thanks to you and the others.” He ran the hand up, down her arm, assuring himself that she was real, not some very realistic fantasy he was indulging in. Gods who dreamed could change reality with such beliefs. Her skin was warm beneath his, pulse beating faintly at her wrist before their fingers interlocked again. He rose, bent his head to kiss her again, plundering, taking, needing more. A mortal who had his heart, something that was still sending the Aesir into rounds of debate that could take until Ragnarok happened. “Why don’t we take round two a little slower?”

Kennedy smiled, linking her hands behind his neck, drawing him down. “Why don’t we?”

A Christmas Story

Twas the night
Before Christmas
When all through the city
Not a mutant was stirring
Not even itty-bitty

The McMurray’s all hung their stockings
By the chimney with care
In hopes
That St. Nicholas
Soon would be there

The children were nestled

[Accept for me parental unit designated as Father. I was coupled to the internet researching the mythological being known as Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and simply “Santa”.], resonates Hope.

All safe in their beds
While visions of sugarplums
Danced in their heads

“Go to bed Hope…”, Kirt replies

And mom in her nightgown
And I in my cap,
Had just settled down
For a long winters nap…

[…but Father, and extended winter’s nap implies that you will be sleeping for a extensive period of time, thus missing Christmas since the winter season is regarded as beginning at the solstice and ending on the following equinox — in the Northern Hemisphere, depending on the year, this corresponds to the period between 21 or 22 December and 20 or 21 March.], Hope chimes on in.

“Hope… Go to bed.”, Kirt replies again.

When out on the lawn
There arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed
To see what was the matter…

[Father! Should I initiate security protocol Alpha-Omega? It appears that we are under hostile attack. I can have the lawn gnomes ready their laser…], Hope queries.

“It’s just s story Hope.”, Adam says from his bed.

Away to the window
I flew like The Flash
Tore open the shutters

[Did you know finding reliable and knowledgeable home maintenance and repair professionals can be costly. In fact, it can be so costly you might be tempted to take advantage of special offers, door to door solicitors or others offering bargain rates. Don’t even think about it, Father!], Hope chiming in again.

And threw up the sash

Adam sighs from his bed tossing one of his pillows at Hope.

The moon on the breast

[Father, you shouldn’t use such language.], looks at her Father with one of them you’re naughty faces.

Of the new fallen snow
Gave the luster
Of midday
To object below

“Sorry Hope.”, Kirt apologizes.

When what
To my wandering eyes
Should appear
But a miniature sleigh
And eight tiny reindeer

[Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming he travels east to west (which seems logical). This works out to 822.6 visits per second. This is to say that for each household with good children, Santa has 1/1000th of a second to park, hop out of the sleigh, jump down the chimney, fill the stockings, distribute the remaining presents under the tree, eat whatever snacks have been left, get back up the chimney, get back into the sleigh and move on to the next house. Assuming that each of these 91.8 million stops are evenly distributed around the earth (which, of course, I know to be false but for the purposes of our calculations I will accept), we are now talking about .78 miles per household, a total trip of 75-1/2 million miles, not counting stops to do what most of us must do at least once every 31 hours, plus feeding etc. This means that Santa’s sleigh is moving at 650 miles per second, 3,000 times the speed of sound. For purposes of comparison, the fastest man- made vehicle on earth, the Ulysses space probe, moves at a poky 27.4 miles per second – a conventional reindeer can run, tops, 15 miles per hour.], Hope adds.

Facepalming “Do you want to hear this story or not?”, says Kirt

[Yes, father please maintains the story and carry on.], Hope resonates.

“Hoooope!”, Adam sighs.

With a little ol driver
So lively and quick
I knew in a moment
It must be St. nick

More rapid than eagles
His courses they came
As he whistled
And shouted
And called
Them by name

Now dasher
Now dancer
Now prancer
Now vixen
On comet
On cupid
On donder
An blitzen

[You know Dasher and Dancer And Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid And Donner and Blitzen. But do you recall The most famous reindeer of all? Why is Rudolph never mentioned, father? All of the other reindeer called him names and persecuted him. It seems that with all of the songs out there and tales have forgotten about him. So did the remainder of that Christmas song when Santa came to say Rudolph with your nose so bright Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight? Then all the reindeer loved him And they shouted out with glee “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer You’ll go down in history!”], questions Hope.

Rubbing the back of his neck… “Well Hope… If you recall it was a foggy night when Santa called upon him. Rudolph is a very busy reindeer. He isn’t always there. They call upon his special abilities and powers when needed.”, Kirt says.

[Kind of like you Father. You have special abilities. The government and the people of the world called upon you and your friends when the world was going through a foggy time.], Hope quips.

“That’s right Hope. I guess I am. How very astute of you.”, Kirt says with a smile.

To the top
Of the porch
To the top
Of the wall
Now dash-away
Dash-away all

As dry leaves
Before the wild
Hurricane fly
When they meet
With an obstacle
Mount to the sky

So up
To the housetop
The courses
They flew
With a sleigh
Full of toys
And St. Nicholas too

“Thanks Dad!”, Adam says as he pulls the covers over his head.

“You’re welcome Adam.”, Kirt kisses him tucking him in.

[Merci beaucoup, Father. That tale was invigorating. I should tell you of my theory about all of the other Santas we see in the shopping malls and various locations about…], Hope resonates.

Kirt kisses Hope on the forehead and shakes his head, “Another time Hope. Get some sleep.”

[Good night Father.], Hope responds.

turning off the lights Good night kids. ,Kirt says as he closes the door. He thinks about two other children across the void of time and space and parallel dimensions. (Take care Robbie and Rory. Look out for your mother.)

Heather passes by him in the hallway, “Everything ok, dear?”

Kirt wipes his damp eyes and shakes his head yes breathing in, “Yeah… fine, hon.”

Heather comes up to him putting his arm around him and giving him a hug. “Let’s go to bed.” Kissing him gently.

“I’d like that…”, he smiles. “I have missed you Heather. I never thought that I would be home again. Things … went on.. while I was away.”

Heather shakes her head, “Never mind that now. You are here, home and safe with the kids and me. I never gave up hope.”

Kirt starts to cry and hug his wife tightly. “I’m sorry so very sorry. I never want to leave you again.”

“Shhh… Shh… Kirt it’s alright.” she says hugging him back.

Freedom City Forbidden Zone

As Freedom City began to recover (with the help of the recently discovered Dr. Metropolis) it became evident that something prevents Dr. Metropolis from affecting The Fens so they have been walled off from the rest of the city until city officials decide what to do with the area.

The Map of the area can be found here.

A Christmas wish

Dear santa


Kennedy stood in front of the full-length mirror, assessing her image.

Shoulder-length hair – check. She’d never be a fashion icon, but her finger-curls were soft and bouncy and she’d be damned if she ever went for the rigid look some hanging-on flappers adhered to.

White, open-collared man’s shirt, covered with a tight-fitting leather aviator’s jacket. Tan jodhpurs tucked into knee-high riding boots completed the ensemble that the public had come to expect from Kennedy Torr, one of Ajax Stewart’s famous Troubleshooters.

She sat down on the edge of her bed with a sigh, running her palm over her hair, careful not to muss it up. This was ridiculous…and nothing she didn’t think every single time she went out into the open. She just wanted to go home, at times more than she wanted to save home.

Since winding up here, in the past, if you could call it that, she’d chafed at her life and that of what society expected. She was Greta before Greta, Amelia before, well, you got the idea. She’d flat-out refused to wear the fashions of the day, opting for men’s wear, slacks and shirts or blouses, much to the shock of those they found themselves around. Flapper dresses and cloche hats were not her thing and she’d never felt the urge to cut her hair like other women. Add to that her career choice and her abilities and she was considered outré.

Ten years. Ten long years of being incredibly lonely, missing her life and what made her, her. Kirt seemed to have given up, given in, marrying this world’s version of his wife and showed no signs of looking back or even trying hard to leave this world. The one person who she could perhaps talk to about their life back home had seemingly shut himself off from that option. The other person who knew her, Vance, had been stuck in the body of a child, and that had thrown her as well. It was one thing to talk to an adult but it was uncomfortable for her. She’d never be able to talk to Bryce that way – why would Vance be any different?

She missed her family. HER family. The one here didn’t, couldn’t, understand where she was coming from. The future? Preposterous! She hadn’t even tried, depending on diversion to be on her side for any family gatherings she found herself at. Instead she withdrew, with a silent apology to the woman whose body she was in, interrupting her life, and concentrated on finding a way home. But the years passed, sometimes slowly, some very quickly at times, and there was no end in sight.

Eric and Vance grew up and Kirt had children. Alex was the leader, following every lead, every nugget of information, with fervor that she couldn’t match, which made her feel as if she wasn’t trying hard enough. It wasn’t as if the spirit wasn’t willing but she’d learned the hard way that though she might be radical in some ways, the door was fully shut in her face in others, no matter how easily she could knock it down with her fists.

Here, she was strong and tough, but couldn’t fly or even jump long distances as she’d done way back in the beginning. She glanced over at her dressing table where a wig-head sat with a aviator’s cap draped over it. Next to it was her white silk scarf that was at least a yard long. Add that to the gun belt and pair of revolvers and she was the cliché pulp heroine that she’d seen online once, in that other, first, life. She snorted. Laura Croft, eat your heart out.

No, she’d had to learn how to wield and fire pistols with both speed and accuracy first, then she’d had to get her aviation license so that she could get around, jaunting to far points of the world in either the biplane Stewart owned or her own autogiro for those shorter distances. That was how she flew these days and only in her dreams and memories could she fly under her own power.

She glanced up again at her reflection. She was starting to forget her favorite songs, books, TV shows. Here she was stuck with vaudeville, silent movies that slowly gave way to talkies. King Kong, the original, had premiered recently and she kept wanting the explosions to be bigger, to be in color.

Here, the last war had been the Big One, the one to end all wars, and Adolf Hitler was busy over in Germany, building his power. But they couldn’t do anything without proof and just because it happened that way in their world, didn’t mean it would here. Stuck. Stuck. Stuck.

Looking down at her hands, she idly rubbed her left thumb against her bare ring finger. The press saw it as her worrying at her left ring finger and wanting an engagement ring on it, when in fact she kept trying to find proof that there was a ring there in truth. Or was this reality and her other life the dream? Did she dream up Magni, the Norse God of Strength, or was that a reflection of the Magnee she’d met? The one who was fascinated with her and offered to make her his queen?

Kennedy stood again, shaking her head. It didn’t help to dwell on things she couldn’t control. Ajax was getting married soon and she had a job to do. Taking up the cap off of the wig head, she placed it on her head and headed out the door.

Super Hero Point Pop Quiz

Here is an opportunity for someone to earn a Super Hero Point. Just be the first player to answer all of the following questions correctly and it’s yours! The answers should be submitted in a new Adventure Log entry, not as a comment to this post.

Remember, a Super Hero Point can be spent to on the same round as a regular Hero Point, allowing you to achieve amazingly heroic results. It could help you defeat the villain, save the damsel, or even save your own life.

Good Luck!

1. Your heroes currently work for what organization? Boss man
2. Who runs that organization?
3. In what city is the headquarters for that organization?
4. What is the name of your boss’ major domo?
Tooth   claw 5. Who is the Queen of the Enigma Isles?
6. What event were you preparing for when his adventure began?
7. Who is your boss’ arch-nemesis?
8. What did the arch-nemesis do in order to force your boss to participate in his nefarious scheme?
 9. What was the “something old” that you were asked to retrieve? Ghostbustersbuilding2 small
10. Who was the unusual architect that knew the secret location of the “something old?”
11. What was the name of the submarine used to reach the location of the “something old?”
12. Describe the monsters that attacked the heroes?
Celestial condenser trans 13. After the heroes returned to HQ, what is the “something new” that they were told to find?
14. The heroes were told to look for the “something new” at the World’s Fair in what city?
15. Name three exhibits at the fair?
16. What is the name of the scientist that invented the “something new?”
17. What is the name of the woman with the inventor? Juanita trans
18. What is here relationship to the inventor?
19. What is the name of the group of soldiers that attacked the Science Hall?
20. Who did the soldiers capture?
21. What happened just after the soldiers fled the Science Hall?

Battle platform trans

Something New Preview

Welcome to the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, celebrating A Century of Progress!

Going Nowhere, and Everywhere

After protecting Arkham Massachusetts from an invasion of Roman Soldiers, serpent men, and many other terrors, the heroes saw the familiar blinding light signaling a jump to the next world, but when their eyes adjusted, it appeared that they had not gone anywhere. They were still in Arkham, but they had been transported to Independence Square.

After a moment they realized that they had in fact jumped to an alternate Arkham and for some reason had all fully synched with their local duplicates. Kirt began to feel strange and suddenly transformed into his electrical form, but he realized that this was somehow different. He was able to return to his form, but it was exhausting, and somehow he felt less intelligent in this form. He looked around and asked where Eric had gone. At that moment, a 7 year old boy looked at him and said, “Uh, I’m right here,” then another boy of the same age chimed up; “Hey guys, I’m glad I found you. I guess that I’m just lucky.” It seems that in this world, both Eric and Vance are not yet adults.

As the heroes relaxed, their synched memories of this world began to set in they realized that this world was very similar to their last one. They had met each other randomly while the city of Arkham was being invaded by strange forces, but on this world, it wasn’t serpent men attacking. The city was being raided by men dressed in robes that look like rotting flesh. They are known as the Black Tongue; originally, a band of Asian pirates, they have expanded to international organized crime, stealing whatever they want and sacrificing anyone that gets in their way in the name of their plague god. They are not known to operate in the west so the authorities were taken off guard. Black tongue small
The heroes were able to prevent the Black Tongue from finding the ancient artifact that they were searching for, but not before The Tongue had massacred several people attending a conference at Miskatonic University. Tragically, the death count included Vance’s older brother and guardian, Dr. Banner, and Eric’s mother and Grandmother.
Ajax stewart small The jump to this world had been powered by the energy within the cursed dagger that Kennedy has claimed from her would-be assassin; however, now they had no source of power and were stuck. As the sole heir to the Halliday fortune, Eric financed the hero’s quest to find the secret island nation of Utopia in order to power their nest jump. They hired Ajax Stewart, the world famous adventurer and explorer to help them navigate the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Although you were unable to locate the island, you did make a valued friend.
Ajax invited you to come to work for him as some of his famous TroubleShooters. As TroubleShooters, you travel the world acting as bodyguards, explorers, and investigators hoping to encounter an artifact or other source of power to help you return home. Your adventures have been great, but sadly, your hope has mostly faded. Most of have accepted that you are now part of this world and have since “gone native”.
Kirt met, and eventually married this world’s version of Heather Mc Murray. They now have twin sons named Robbie and Rory that have recently turned six years old.

In order to maintain appearances, Eric and Vance were legally adopted by Alex’s sister Rebecca who was made aware of their true identities. Rebecca ran the day-to-day business of Halliday Estates so that Eric and Vance could continue working for Ajax. Over the years, the press has come to know them as the TroubleTeens. They are not 17 years old

On an adventure in the underground Lost World, Kennedy met the local version of Magni, or the exiled King Magnee of the Horsemen as he is local named. He followed her back to New York (Ajax’s headquarters) and has joined the TroubleShooters as a reserve member. He has recently returned to the Lost World and reclaimed his throne; but not before extending an invitation for Kennedy to join him as his queen. Unwilling to give up on your own beloved, she declined his proposal, but often wonders if she should have followed in Kirt’s footsteps and learned to be happy.

Of all the heroes, Alex is the one to hold onto the most hope. He goes on as many adventures as possible, working to the point of constant exhaustion. He knows that he could live a happy life in this world, but he also knows that somewhere, his twin sister’s life is threatened by the impending destruction of their world.

Our adventures continue in 1933 New York City.


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