The Freedom Five

Waiting for Liberty
By preventing the plans of the Nazi super criminal, The Aryan Ape, the Freedom Five are experiencing a bit of notoriety. They’re on the front page of all of the major newspapers, and Time Magazine has contacted them to do an interview and photograph them for the issue’s cover. As exciting as this is, the heroes would much rather continue on their mission to save their world. Aryan ape headshot small
The unexpected element of time travel has them worried. Will they be able to find the world that is assaulting their own earth, and if they do, will they arrive in time? How do they even find that world? Paul has told them that the element they use is rare so it should increase the statistical probability of locating the correct world, but he doesn’t know how to compensate for the chronological variance.
Their most immediate task is to speak to Envoy, a member of the Liberty League. He has a weapon that appears to be made of the same metal that might be able to power their trans-dimensional travel. After a few days, he manages to recover consciousness. He is very reluctant to discuss the nature of his weapon, but your heroic actions convince him that you are trustworthy individuals (well, most of you).
Envoy headshot small He explains that although he refers to the baton as his Orichalcum, orichalcum is actually the name of the metal that it is made from. He tells you that his real name is Sarlyn. He was a diplomatic emissary from a secret island nation known as Utopia. The Utopian people have lived in self imposed isolation for centuries. They nation is populated by the descendants of refugees from the lost city of Atlantis.
Thousands of years ago in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, the island continent of Atlantis was the home of genetically superior humans. Some theorize that they were enhanced by extra terrestrials that may have visited our world long ago. Others suggest that their strength and genius were gifts from ancient gods.

The Atlanteans created an advanced civilization far beyond anything else on Earth. They were explorers with visions of uniting the world, and made contact with other lands as legends of the fabled island-continent and its powers spread far and wide. They were known for their skills in metallurgy. They developed an alloy known as Orichalcum. It is stronger than steel, yet can be as flexible as an archer’s bow. It can also be made into a powerful conductor or capacitor for various forms of every including heat, electricity, light, and magic.

Orichalcum blade

In time, the Atlanteans came into conflict with Lemuria and the ancient Empire of the Serpent People, descendants of a previous saurian empire that ruled the Earth millions of years previously. Although the Serpent People had become largely degenerate, they were led by cunning and powerful sorcerers and worshipped now forgotten cosmic entities. The war between Atlantis and Lemuria lasted for generations. The Atlanteans were ultimately victorious, but in the end their arrogance became their undoing, as they sought to understand their foes’ alien sorcery. They combined their own mastery of metallurgy with powers granted to them by the unknown gods. However, in so doing, they triggered a disaster that destroyed Atlantis, sinking the entire continent below the waves.

When Atlantis sank, a small number of Atlanteans survived, having been away from the homeland when disaster struck. Some of these survivors scattered to different parts of the world, becoming known as heroes, wizards, and legendary figures in human mythology.

Most of the refugees made their way to a remote outpost in what is now the Caribbean. They settled on an island situated in the midst of a dimensional rift in the Bermuda Triangle, shielded from the outside world. It became known as Utopia; literally “a place which is nowhere”, and the Atlantean survivors created a small, self-contained civilization focused on peace, equality, and personal achievement. They abandoned any interest in the mystic arts, believing such things led to the downfall of Atlantis, and focused on the sciences instead. They achieved tremendous advances and enjoyed millennia of peace and prosperity, shunning contact with the outside world.

Today, they still know their ancestors’ secrets of metallurgy, but instead of empowering the metal with magic, they use science.

Sarlyn examines your watches and determines that they have been powered by dark magic. Although he cannot recharge your devices with dark magic, he believes that he might be able to use the same alchemical energy that powers his baton to trigger the devices, but he doesn’t have the equipment here to do it. He will have to return to Utopia to get the supplies and then bring them back to America.

The heroes offer to travel with him, but he explains that normally it would be difficult to get authorization to bring outsiders to Utopia, but even if that were to happen, the moment they arrived, the power within their watches would be discovered and they would all be put taken and destroyed.

After two weeks, Sarlyn returns to Freedom City, but he is not alone. He has brought with him an American archeologist named Adrian Elder. Adrian was searching for the ruins off Atlantis when he encountered an artifact that imbued him with the ancient powers of the lost city. Since then he has been a guest of the Utopian people while trying to learn control of the struggling forces of good and evil within him. Sarlyn believes that Adrian should be able to use the watches as a grounding rod that will simultaneously free him from the evil magic from him, while also recharging the devices. Adrian elder small
After hours of meditation and the casting of protective spells, Adrian takes a deep breath and upon exhaling, a dark viscous substance exudes from him and flows toward the devices. A large amount of it is absorbed, but there is too much and it begins to pool on the hero’s feet.
Suddenly it takes the form of a large muscular beast with cloven feat, black, wet, leathery wings, and a goats head. It laughs and thanks Adrian for releasing him. Then he looks as the heroes, desperate to reclaim the power that they have taken, but before he can act, Paul appears and says, “Well guys, I think it’s time to go!” and the heroes disappear in a bright flash of light.
Flying free
Eric Halliday

Flying Free.

Eric sat on the edge of his bed in the dark hotel room with the liquor cabinet open and a bottle of scotch that he rolled around and around in his hands; thinking about oblivion, his mom, and choices. It was early and the sun was still below the curvature of the planet but he was too pent up to sleep and anyway he keep waking up from nightmares of Melinda screaming his name as she died over and over.

He put the bottle carefully back, closed the cabinet, and then got up and quietly opened the doors to the balcony and step out into the cold New York night and eased the doors closed behind him.

He could tell himself during the day that she was a big girl and could take care of herself and she might not even be dead but at night his dreams were haunted with her screams and pleas for him to come save her as his mind kept coming up with new torments that she could have gone through in her last moments of life and he was never there. He had been out doing his duty and ignored her until it was too late.

Leaning over the rail he looked down the five floors to the sidewalk below him. He could just roll over, not think about it, crash into the ground, and all thought of Melinda would stop. She would never bother him again. Choices. No not for him. Looking up he could see that dawn was fast approaching; light was reflecting off the few clouds high above the city, and the top of the Empire State building was touched by the morning sunlight. It was cold but the day would be pretty.

Suddenly he needed to be free. Shrinking down, he lost the pajamas he was wearing and then with a thought zoomed up off the balcony into the morning sky. In a heartbeat he was a mile over the city pushing himself faster and faster, cork-screwing in sinister circles higher and higher. Icarus unbound! Free of earth and earthly concerns, free to go anywhere, see anything, do anything he wanted!

He broke out of the clouds miles above the earth, his arms spread to the heavens, and screamed with the joy of it. In less than an hour he could be on a beach in the Bahamas or ice fishing in the Hudson Bay. In two he could be talking to the elephants on the savanna or chatting up a good-time girl in Bangkok. Then looking up into the heavens he thought about the distances and slowed. Alpha Centari was four or five light years away. At his best speed it would take him a year to get there and that was the nearest other star he knew about.

He came to a stop and then slowly let himself start to fall. It was still a cage. His wings may as well be melted, there was no escape from his duty or his conscience. Earth is the only home he would ever know. His body, spread-eagle on the currents of the wind, slowly fell back to earth. His eyes staring up into the vastness still above him, drowning in the immensity of it all. He sent his spirit out letting his mind just run free of thought as he fell back into his mother’s arms.

Soon however he got bored with the introspection and self pity, flipped over and zoomed down to the city to start a new day. Now, If he could just remember what his hotel looked like.

Still stuck in 1941 hell
Eric Halliday
I was bored. We had smashed the giant robot a few hours ago and then gone by to check on the Liberty League in the hospital. They were going to be okay but zonked out for a few days. After that my companions and I were moved into a hotel to be put up for a few days on the government’s dime. A couple of reporters came by to talk to us but most of them were camped down at the hospital waiting for the League to wake up.

It was the middle of the afternoon and sitting around the hotel room was as exciting as watching paint peeling. The television was three channels of black and white hell and the radio was nice looking but had no FM and played only big band crap or variety shows.

I could hear Wire clipping his nails in the bathroom and just had to get out! I called room service and asked if they had a pool and they did but it was closed due to the time of year. Not indoor, and not heated.
“Just great. So does this cracker box have anything else to offer?” I demanded of the talking head on the other end of what they laughingly call a telephone. There was silence for a moment and then the operator said there was a gymnasium for guests of the hotel.
“ Where would this be.” I asked.
“ In the basement she answered.” she replied kind of frostily I might add.

Well it was something at least. I could spend a couple of hours there till I had to get ready for dinner. So I called to the Wire to let him know where I was heading and then out the door and down the hall to the elevator and then down to the basement. Once there I had to admit I was pretty impressed. They had an equipment manager and towel boy to help the guests and they had a masseuse available if you needed a rub down. They had free weights and body bags, and floor mats for ground work and you could check out jump ropes and even boxing gloves if you wanted. I worked out for a bit and then had a massage and steam room. Gods there is a heaven.

After that I went back up to the room with Wire. Ironhide had won the pencil, paper, scissors contest we had earlier to see which guy would get a room by himself. I got back just in time to hop in the shower and then back into the suit to go to dinner. You would think that after we saved their asses they could have sprung for some threads but when I mentioned it to the gumshoe, I can not remember his name for the life of me, he said that the department could not afford it. So back into the ol’ super-suit for a night on the town.

Why did I even bother. We get to the restaurant at the ungodly early hour of 6 pm because the restaurant would be closing at 7 due the war rationing. Electricity was not the only thing they were rationing; eggs, meat, coffee, tea, and sugar just to name a few. I might add taste as well. I think everything was just boiled to death and then thrown on a plate. Before the dinner was half over I wanted to boil the wait staff and cooks and I think the feeling was mutual. What they did to my Veal Parmesan was just criminal.

Afterward I was really hoping to get to experience some of the night life of New york city but even that was a bummer. First of all getting a cab after 7 pm was impossible. The gas rationing was such that you had to take the subway to get anywhere or fly but I did not know where I wanted to go and a lot of New Yorkers were willing to tell me where I could go but I had to tell them I was already in hell I was just trying to find some sin.
Well I finally got to Harlem and listened to some really great music but every place closed at 11 pm, and so with hardly a buzz and no girl on the arm I got to go back to the hotel and listen to Wire talk about how he was missing his wife and son. I finally managed to fall asleep after drinking half a bottle of cheap scotch. I hate scotch!

Freedom Five 1, Liberty League 0

OK so we are stuck in this weird multi-verse thingy where we appear in a world that is supposedly Earth but it is usually some freakish alternate Earth where Rome never fell or Nazi’s and and Americans are still dukking it out in world war II. Well it sucks. I am just wanting to get back home before dear old mom manages to spend all my inheritance or my uncle can declare her incompetent and then get his hands on great-grandmothers millions. He will probably blow it feeding it to the poor or some crap. I mean I am all for charity but lets keeps some perspective here, you give at the office and write it off at the end of the year. Anyway my mind is wandering. We are currently in this cutesie America of the fabled 1940’s and if you can believe it we popped in and had to fight some regulars who I later found out were supposedly Nazis. I have my doubts because to hear the old stories… Nazis were always blond, dressed in really spiffy black uniforms and ate babies like snack food. These walking corpses were like everyday joes, just with machine-guns and bad eyesight. I mean they saw us appear and did not automatically flee or surrender. Now yes they got off a few lucky shots but they were dead. It just took them a few minutes to realize it. After we corrected the issue about whether they were corpses or not and some even passed the Darwin test and fled, we were trying to figure out where or when we were when this gumshoe comes walking up out of the fog and starts talking to us and thanking us for smearing Nazi all over the place.. I did not have the heart to tell him that if they had not started firing first I might have been helping them even if they were Germans. I mean Mercedes is better than a ford any day but Mr. Diplomacy, that is me.

While talking to this gumshoe we see some fireball in the sky heading into the woods west of town and so we investigate and find some ancient plane with some super-hero types in it. They needed to be pulled out of the wreckage and taken to the hospital which the others all did superbly I could not open the dang door. I hate being so small sometimes. We then are told that there is some kind of rally tomorrow for the war effort and they expect us there to help raise money for the cause. No one wanted my suggestion of just raising taxes and borrowing the rest from China. How lame. So we go check on the heroes at the hospital, they are called the Liberty League, Gods how provincial. They will be okay but Ironhide and me clue in to the fact that their stories all seem a little too pat and rehearsed. I tell the gumshoe something is wrong with them but he did not believe me and they should all be locked up. He looked like he wanted to lock me up and called our idea preposterous. . I want to say right now for the records. I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO!

Next day we do the rally thing and Ironhide shines as a public speaker. He had the crowd tied in knots around his little finger. He had people throwing their life’s savings into the effort. I need to get him home and under contract, that man can sell an idea. Anyway we are doing real well and then the Liberty League show up and lo and behold try to betray us and start spouting stupid phrases out of their mouths. People were saying it was German propaganda but if I was in charge of German propaganda and that was the best my department could come up with I thing I would sack them all. It was the most blatant heavy handed swill you will ever likely hear in your life. I shot at them just to get them to shut up. It soon because obvious that the Liberty Leagues’ hearts just were not in it and Ironhide was just walking around talking to them for a few minutes and then they would collapse into some kind of stupor and that would be that. Anyway so we hardly finish when we hear there is another attack taking place. Some more Liberty League yahoos and a HUGE robot had captured some President and an English Prime Minister. The fight was long and hard but we eventually prevailed and the robot was controlled by some talking white ape , who was also a Nazi, and spouted more gibberish then finally ran off. What a whacky world.

A couple of pictures of Neutrino

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Vorschau 1

Ga preview1

Evening Interlude

“Kendania?” A low male voice in the cool evening air reached her ears and Kennedy turned, spying… “Magn- …Magnus. What brings you out here?”

The man approached the location where she’d chosen to sit, a low stone wall near the tavern where all sorts of plans for battle and plans for treason were occurring. She’d come out to escape both the increasing warmth of every body crowding around and the almost accusatory glare of Alexa. She watched as the man who was this world’s version of her fiancé chose a spot nearby and settled down with a low sound. He shifted a moment, getting comfortable, before looking in her direction. “I’m but a simple man and I don’t exactly understand this talk of how you’re someone who inhabits the body of a friend, who’s from another world, but I am interested. What is your world like?”

Kennedy cocked her head to one side, considering. Would it harm or help? After a moment, she told him of how they’d harnessed lightning, using it to light, heat and cool houses, of automobiles and architecture that rivaled that of Libertas. Magnus asked intelligent, insightful questions when something caught his interest, which she struggled to answer, as well as she could, but she was no engineer.

Finally, he asked the one question she both anticipated and dreaded – “You said you were my betrothed in your world?”

She nodded, smiling ruefully. “Yes. But you can rest assured that I have no designs on you and you can tell your lady that you are safe.”

Magnus nodded, seeming to have a weight lifted from his shoulders. She laughed at the expression on his face, shaking her head. “Oh, don’t tell me you were afraid of that?” At his silent nod, she continued to shake with mirth. “You’re cute, but not mine.”

Magnus had enough manners to wait until she recovered before asking ‘What is he like, this other me?”

Kennedy smiled again, though only a sharp observer or someone who knew her well would have seen the small hint of sadness in her eyes. “He’s…hmm, well, to start with, he’s taller than you, perhaps a bit broader in the shoulders, and stronger. He’s a musician and owns a bar, which is where we met.”

Magnus nodded and she continued. “He’s, he’s a god. A god of strength, of all things, but I suppose every pantheon has them.” Magnus frowned but she kept talking. “It’s complicated, I guess, in our world. We have months named for the Greco-Roman pantheon, along with a few of our weekdays, but three of our days are named for the Norse gods. Wednesday, for Wodan, the All-Father of the gods. He’s a nice guy, enjoying his retirement. Then there’s Thursday, named for Thor, Magni’s father – he’s the god of lightning, among other things, and all a protector of mankind. And Friday, named for Freyja or Freyr – it depends on who you’re talking to. Freya is a fertility goddess, much like Aphrodite, and about as vain, while her brother, Freyr, is a god of peace and fertility as well. But I think that every time we say those names, we keep them alive, the belief in the gods that still exist. But like all gods, they walk among us, meddle in the affairs of mortals.”

“Aren’t you a goddess? From what I hear of you and your friends, ah, talents, you rank up there with the ones they talk of in myths, legends.”

Kennedy could have sworn that at that moment she heard Mercury’s mocking laughter on the breeze and his words echoed in her head before she shook it. “No. Not gods, just normal men and women who are a bit more than mortal, less than a god.” That was her answer and she’d stick to it.

“I see. You sound as if you’ve been asked that before.” She nodded and he smiled slightly. “Do go on.”

Kennedy nodded. “As I said, I met him at his bar and he took an interest in me. An actual mortal that he couldn’t break easily, I guess. I suppose it’s true, as I’ve felt the same way, as if I live in a world of paper, where the slightest move from me might irreparably hurt someone I know or love. We kept crossing paths and he started to court me, I guess you could say. Then we had an adventure in what you would consider yet another world, Magni’s home, and during that time I guess I fell in love with him. He says he’s in love with me, but I have to wonder how long it’ll last.”

Magnus frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Just like every other god out there, they meddle in the affairs of men and often mate with them, resulting in demigods. It makes me wonder how long this marriage, when I get home, will last. I’ll fade; age, die, and at most I’ll be nothing more than a fond memory, or worse, forgotten.” Her voice grew tight with a combination of anxiety and anticipated grief, hands clutched tightly around one another. “I wonder if any children I’d bear would follow in the path of others before them, becoming rulers, heroes, or worse.”

“I’m sure you’re just borrowing trouble, thinking like that. I’m sure that this man you love is waiting for you back home and will greet you with open arms, eager to make you his wife.” Magnus placed a warm hand on her own, urging her fingers, which could possibly crush his skull, to uncurl. Kennedy smiled crookedly. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem, for a friend.” Magnus glanced back over his shoulder. “We should go back and I shall have to soothe Alexa’s feathers.”

Kennedy rose to her feet, glancing up at the dark sky. “Apologize profusely and she’ll consider forgiving you.” Together, they walked back to the tavern, to friends and plots.

Friends Reunited

I met up with my friends at the city center in the afternoon. It was good to see Rampart, Neutrino, and as an added surprise Mr. Hendricks. Not entirely sure how Vance managed to … join us on the Great Space Coaster, or how he will get back. After we got the hellos out of the way I proceeded to tell the gang about Ironhide, his sister of this world, and also about this worlds version of Magni being combatants in the gladiatorial arena. In doing so I kind of said a bit too much upsetting Alexa in the process. Speaking out in the open about this was not a very good idea so we followed Alexa to a secret location. We told Alexa about our mission and who we were, but she decided to ignore what we told her and just accept our help. They say ignorance is bliss. Perhaps with this group and situation I couldn’t agree more.

After out little get together we dispersed and I went with Rampart back to her place to get all gussied up for a party that was going to be thrown at her place. The evening came on and people started to arrive. Neutrino and Mr. Hendricks soon arrived and we quickly gathered together and then dispersed into the mass of people there. Some of us enjoying the various foods from the buffet… some of us watching the dancers do their thing. Some of us… ME… meeting this older gentleman and sticking their foot in their mouth. As the night went on that older person stood up and gave a speech. That man… is a senator… and happens to be this worlds father of Rampart. Crap… cause the lies I told to him about being a family friend, and coming from Europa… were about see-through as glass. I had to find Rampart and tell her. Was it possible that my, no our cover was blown? I hope not. For the rest of the night I laid low and kept out of people’s way not wanting to stir up any more trouble.

The night went on and not much more happened. More food, drink, dance, and sex… if that is what people wanted. The party started to die down and eventually the majority of people had left. Either too drunk to move, or passed out stayed. I went to my room to rest up for tomorrow was already here and I needed to get some rest for hopefully we would meet up with Ironhide this afternoon. Soon I passed out my thoughts were of my precious wife Heather McMurray and my two children Hope McMurray and Adam McMurray. I missed them and the rest of my family dearly.

The sun was high in the sky as it was mid morning when I awoke. I wandered out from my room to see the remnants of the party being attended to by the servants of the house. Finding some fruit I ate breakfast and then washed up for we had to meet at city center again today. The rest of the morning was uneventful. We all gathered at the city center and that is when we found Ironhide, Magnus, and Cobalt. Meeting up with Alexa we all headed back to the secret location again to discuss our plan of action and what we need to do. I think we all know now this isn’t the world that attacked us, but we are heroes and we must help with world. We must make some dent in their society and help the resistance with whatever it is they need.

Where am I??

this is being written so that If I dont make it back my team can have a record to give to our superiors…:
the last thing I remember.. I was looking at my 4 comrades of my team. they wre going to another dimension and I was leading the backup team that would replace them until they got back. I saw them off into their shells when I saw a " brightness".. I guess thats what it was.. and I felt “faint” then felt like I was spinning aroudn and around. the next then I knew I was puking and heaving in an alley somewhere and I felt like I had the worlds biggest hangover. I felt this warmth go over me and it felt good.. until I relized what it was… IT WAS NEUTRINO PISSING ON ME!!!!.. sigh.. at least it woke me up.. god I felt horrible.
We both walked out of this city (looked like a third world country to me.) adn had these guys with us.. my friend and his family apparently were slavers!!!.. ( I will keep notes on this as I will have him brought up on charges when we get back)..We have apparently come to a world that is Roman in its thinking but it doesnt seem right..some thing is off about this place..there are either the wealthy or the dying poor… also there are no courts, just" the emperor"..
We wil have to find a way to reach him…


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