The Freedom Five

Disaster in Freedom
Damaged city sunset banner

As the Autumn sun began to set on Freedom City, earthquakes and a catastrophic power outage set the city into chaos.

The Happanuk dam broke threatening the thousands of citizens being entertained at the Happanuk World Music Festival. The combined stregth of the Norse God Magni and his new Fiancée Rampart caused a major rockslide, diverting the majority of the water and saving many lives.

Kirt McMurray exposed his secret identity as the Wire when he had to rescue his son and another child from a rampaging elephant at the Freedom Zoo. He was then able to use his powers to rescue other patrons trapped in the sky trolly. By focusing his energy he was able to generate light for the city, providing hope, and aiding in rescue efforts throughout Freedom City while he searched for his pregnant and ailing wife. He eventually found his mother-in-law who informed him that his wife was taken by a doctor to a hospital that would have electricity because she needed an emergency MRI, or the unborn baby might perish. Unfortunately, his mother-in-law didn’t know what hospital or how they were going to get there.

Ironhide, Neutrino, and Mr. Hendricks were attending a charitable event at the Millennium Club. Although many people were killed or injured, they were able to use their power, wits, and luck to evacuate the majority of the guests.

Neutrino searched other states, Canada, and Mexico to verify that this disaster is not isolated to Freedom City, Delaware, or even the U.S. It appears to be a global crisis.

The heroes then regrouped near the demolished FBI office where Police Commissioner Barbara Kane has assumed authority and is organizing comminication and the rescue efforts.

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