The Freedom Five

Strange new world

We’d been told we had a week and I took that time to finally tell my family the truth about me…and my powers. Bryce, understandably was happy to finally say that he knew all along and mom was less than pleased, muttering about how her daughter was the one on the news in flimsy clothing. I finally talked to dad about the truths I’d discovered while in Asgard – it was a hard thing to swallow, to know that an ancestor was, in fact, a valkyrie. Or that I was engaged to a Norse god. Yes, that went over well.

Before the week was up Barbaracalled us in and we had to leave – now. Something’s happening and we needed to get started. Vance’shalf brother, David, handed us our watches, reminding us of the option to either synch partially or go for the full effect. Kirtcouldn’t stop muttering something about leaping and sliding. Then we pow-wowed for a moment – Ericcame up with the plan for everyone to meet at the city center of the alternate-dimension version of Freedom City for a week at mid-day until everyone who could was there. Alex brought up the point that if we die in this alternate dimension that one of the others hit the ‘return’ button on the watch and send the deceased home – the watches are only perceptible to us. He also recommended that he and Eric synch fully instead of me or Kirt, which makes sense.

Then we wave ‘bye’ to Vance, since he’s sticking behind to lead the new team and enter what I consider one of the worst ideas ever – a white sphere that has a hatch that’s to be our ride to the ‘other side’. The door closes and it’s pitch black and the stupid watch starts to hum and vibrate, the only sensation in this hell hole. I’m not claustrophobic, but this is testing even my courage. Then there’s a pinprick of light, followed by a sea of stars…then candlelight?

Oh crap. I’m on the other side, for good or bad. Looking around, I see a low couch, flowing draperies, a fresco on one wall. Candles are everywhere and a woman is asking me a question about…wine? For Kalends? I err on the side of caution and go with the white. I’m wearing an elaborate gown that looks like something I saw once at an exhibit for Ancient Rome at the Freedom City museum. Glancing around, I see more people that are dressed plainer than I am and it seems that everyone around me is treating me with some sort of deference. It seems they’re all servants and I’m a lady? Great. Looking around some more, I note that while most of the lighting is candle or firelight, there seems to be an artificial light source in the main room of what I can discern is a actual Roman villa.

The woman who’d been speaking to me is looking a me oddly but I demur and ask about the area, which earns me an even odder look, but then she asks if I have business in the city. I grab onto that excuse and a carriage is ordered for me, which I take into the city, Libertas. It seems I’m in this world’s version of Freedom City, which I take as a sign. It’s a lengthy journey and I’m so very tempted to just up and fly, but that would be tipping our hand a bit too soon.

I take it as another sign that I spy Eric and …Vance? What the heck? I get over my shock after we meet and start talking. Something, perhaps my partial synch with ‘Kenandia’ my counterpart here, that it’s acceptable that I’m seen with Eric, as he’s from a powerful family. Seems Vance has no idea how he got here either, being in the other room, but he’s here now. Looking around the city center we see what we ‘know’ is the Senate building, complete with guards. Approaching, we’re halted but I send in a message for my father – who is, you guess it – a senator. The reply is terse and he’ll make time to meet with me tomorrow during Kalends. I recall seeing the guest list and Eric’s family was listed, of course. But that’ll make it easier, perhaps.

We leave the building and wander around a few moments, noting ornate ironwork, wondrous fountains that are run by powerful pumps and more of those light sources that produce no heat. We also cross paths with Babarous Kanus…she looks tough and no-nonsense, much like our own. Eric ducks behind a wall to do some reconnaissance into the atmosphere, as we note one thing – there’s no sign of the damage and destruction that Gravitas had told us was happening on this world, which is why they invaded. He returns stating that while the world is a Ceasar’s dream come true, there’s no sign of any devastation.

After wandering around a few more minutes we start to encounter the poorer areas of the city, where starvation and worse are prevalent. I feel awful, seeing that my family is evidently wealthy and could help. When we start getting a few hard stares at the state of our clothing, we flee decorously, soon running across an empty building that a local identifies as an arena of law. I’m furious that such a place is empty! Turns out the emperor makes all the laws and the governor’s enforce then and there’s no place for the common man to make his plea.

Eric spies a library and we do some research – turns out the emperor ‘_descended from the heavens and brought forth a golden age_’ before he started taking over the world, literally. He doesn’t have a name but has the power of the gods, as he killed them all. After that sobering news we agree to meet again the next day and we go our separate ways.

After a not-so-restful night, I wake up again to more clothing and wig choices. I settle on the red one as it’s what I’m used to. After the maid leaves I experiment with hovering and I can still do that. The maid was asking about why I’m so intent on the city center and seems excited when I mention Eric’s family. I don’t ask why, as I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like the answer. I ask if Bryce is available…the maid looks uncomfortable and I’m plagued by the faint knowledge that something happened to my younger brother. What sort of world is this that I haven’t even seen my mother, my father is distant and my brother is dead or worse?

But at least another carriage is made ready for my trip into the city. The mission… concentrate on the mission and then we can go home.
The Fate Of Our World, Rests In Our Hands

Sitting there not sure what to do. Barbara Kane had just told me that we have a week to say good bye to our loved ones. We will be going on a mission to save our world. This mission would be like none other we have done before. We would be traveling to an alternate world.

I had to think did I really want to do this? I just had a baby girl, Hope McMurray. I would have to say good bye to all of that. While the thought went through my head her name stuck with me… Hope. She is my hope. Hope that we can fix this. Hope we can get our world back to what it was before. The decision was made. I had to join this away mission. No matter the cost. I had to do this for my family and the Earth.

I had to tell my family of my decision and I hope they understood. I took each one aside and told them one by one. They knew I had to do this. They agreed that I need to go and to save our world from it’s possible demise. When we return there will be a hero’s welcome for us.

On our mission briefing we learned that only Ironhide, Neutrino, Rampart, and myself were going. Mr. Hendricks was going to stay behind to train a new team consisting of Robbie Knapp, Psyn, Magni, Hardline, Gun Show, and L33T.

As we made our preparations and had any questions answered by Barbara and David Banner, who is the head of this project. My “spider-sense” was already tingling as our last romp with one of David’s creations left a bad taste in my mouth, but we had to trust him. This project was going to essentially “Quantum Leap” us over into the body of our counter part in the alternate world. We had the ability to partial sync retaining our powers and have some memories from the host, or fully sync and gain all memories and any possible abilities they may have. If you recall the TV show “Sliders”… “What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could Slide into a thousand different worlds? Where it’s the same year, and you’re the same person, but everything else is different.” It was kind of like that and the show “Quantum Leap” This was some real “Fringe” science. We all decided on a time and place to meet if we were all separated upon our arrival a lump formed in my throat.

It was time and we were told to step into these deprivation tanks and get ready. When next we awake… if all goes well we will be in the alternate world that Gravitas came from. Which… he looked strangely like me as the resemblance was quite uncanny. I closed my eyes took a deep breath. The feeling was strange. No sound… no nothing. When a speck of light appeared then many. Like the stars in the sky came on one by one.. then everything…

I “awoke” in a world unlike my own. Extremely disoriented and confused. The familiar sense of many computer networks that always flooded my head was almost non-existent. Some strangely dressed man was telling me to heal the person on the table before me. Going with what I knew I turned to my nursing skills and bandaged him up and cauterized the freshly severed leg. When the other person yelled at me what was I doing and to heal the person. Not knowing what he was talking about I fully synchronized up with the me from this world learning that I have a gauntlet that can heal and restore lost limbs to the champions of the ring. A ring? A Gladiatorial ring, Where was I… what was I?

I was being called Medicus Kirtus… obviously Kirtus was my name and Medicus was my title. After dealing with several patients I had a brief moment to figure out who I was. My mother was injured in a street riot when I was young and my father had to borrow money to pay a medicus to help heal her. However my family was left owing a debt we could not pay. I was the youngest of 4 siblings and at age 9 I was taken away and sold into slavery. I became a slave to the same medicus who helped my mother. I learned the trade and after several years after the debt was paid I was freed, but in that time I was relocated with him to Americus.

Wanting to be reunited with my family I solicited the courts for a travel permit, but being a former slave I no longer held citizenship and was declined. In order for me to regain my citizenship I needed to find a job and in 5 years time I would be able to reapply. So I took a position as medicus for the Circus Libertas. Now 2 years into my contract I have moved ahead to the Medicus Primus role. This is who I am on this world… Different pasts altogether, but still that role in the “medical” field.

Another fight is over and while attending to other wounded I looked up and noticed a friend… it was Ironhide. Apparently he is a gladiator in this world. It was a relieving sight to see a friend. Finally after another wave of injured I had time for a break. I needed to see Ironhide. So I went to go see him in his cell and form a plan, form something. This was not going to be an easy place to escape. My time with him was short and I had to return back to duty so we said our farewells and I took off back to work.

Later that night the events of today floating around in my head I had to figure out what to do. I pulled out several scrolls about chemistry and studied them trying to find a way to make some kind of chemical mixture to knock out the guards and free Ironhide and his sister from this world, but I was interrupted when a woman broke into my room. Telling me that I need to come with her that she is part of the resistance and that Ironhide sent her. She was going to get me out of here so that I could get to the rendezvous to meet up with the other members of our group; Rampart and Neutrino. Reluctantly I agreed to go with her as I knew what Kirtus had on the line, but I also reasoned for the greater good my world needed me more.

We made it through with out any confrontation and to a hideout where we rested for the night come morning they dressed me up in a disguise and we headed for the town center to meet up with my other friends… I hope.

Preview Three

Big board preview

Secundus Praevius

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Gravitas small


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Infection detected

Death In The Family

Wire was going out of his mind not knowing what happened to his wife Heather McMurray. He took some comfort knowing that Judith Gilmore his mother-in-law was alive and that his son Adam McMurray was too. Finding nothing but dead ends with trying to locate his wife, he knew he had to find his other family, but how. He turned to his good friend Rampart.

“Ken… I need your help.” Wire asked. “I need to find some of my family and I only trust you with this task. I can’t ask the new guys ”/campaigns/the-freedom-five/characters/ironhide" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ironhide or that Nutfellow.. what’s his name Neutrino.. and well… Mr. Hendricks… is well just Lance he can wish good luck, but that’s about it."

As he had hoped Rampart helped him out carrying him across Freedom city and it’s outskirts to find his parent’s home.

Landing on the front yard quickly as he saw one section of his parents home collapsed he quickly ran to the house yelling for his mother Janice McMurray and his father Jacob McMurray. The door was jammed and unable to open so he turned on his powers and easily slipped on through the door leaving Rampart behind to deal with the door, which shouldn’t be a problem for her.

When he entered he gasped seeing the immaculate house in so much disarray. After the slight pause he took off again calling out for his mother and father hearing his mom’s voice yelling for Kirt once she heard his voice. He ran towards the section of the house that had collapsed and saw his mother and brother Sean McMurray there trying to lift a obviously too heavy wooden support beam and his father pinned underneath. Turning off his powers he ran to help his mother try and lift the beam, but saw the that his father was already dead as he was impaled on another beam. Horrified he grabbed his mom and turned her away. She looked at her sons holding their faces in her hands crying.

He’s a nurse, studying to become a doctor, but nothing prepares you for this. He could see patients all day. Handle the sick and dying, but seeing a family member a beloved one dead, especially you father… nothing ever prepares you for that. Kirt had to be strong… wanted to be strong he is a hero for the city, for the people, but he couldn’t… he gave in and held his brother and mother.

With the aid of Rampart they were able to free Jacob McMurray and give him a burial under the old oak tree in the back yard.

Updating his mom and brother on the situations around the world and about Heather. “Mom… Sean.. I will be back, try and make it to my place. ”/campaigns/the-freedom-five/characters/judith-gilmore" class=“wiki-content-link”>Judith Gilmore and Adam McMurray are there. I need to find Heather McMurray father, brother, and his lover yet." After a tearful embrace he left with Rampart again.

Trying to locate Heather McMurray‘s parent’s home was near impossible as the neighborhood where their house once stood now was a sinkhole. Seeing people struggling trying to help others and dig people out. Wire and Rampart landed and started to help with the rescue efforts and to their surprise they found Paul Gilmore there, Heather McMurray’s brother. He was covered in mud and trying to help a woman out from a hole.

Paul Gilmore working with Wire and Rampart went to the area where his parents house once stood, but it was in a shambled mess collapsed, but several houses across the way still stood, but heavily damaged. Searching the area, but finding nothing they started to look for other survivors in neighboring houses, where they found Derek Gilmore assisting a neighbor with several children who had gotten hurt.

Wire somewhat revealed assisted with first aid and told Paul Gilmore and Derek Gilmore to gather at his place.

Paul Gilmore pulled Wire aside and asked him to try and find Tobey Renolds, Paul Gilmore partner. Wire agreed to help, but after hours of looking at where Tobey Renolds and Paul Gilmore lived they couldn’t find anything. With the city in this much disarray maybe he will turn up eventually, or maybe not.

He wonders about his familu over seas in the UK, and in Wales, but at least his immediate family here is taken care of.

Returning to Paul Gilmore who is now at Wire’s place with the others he told him not to give up and that rescue efforts and survivors are popping up all the time and not to give up hope. Giving him a quick embrace and saying farewell to his family and extended family he took off with Rampart back to headquarters and work when they are called to a near by jetliner crash landing to assist in first aid and rescue efforts.

The price one pays

Kennedy used the darkness, lit only by the fires and flashlights still being used by those that had access to multiple batteries. She’d found Serena earlier in the evening, using the pretense that she was in the area, relieved to find her alive, though sporting a black eye and a slightly panicked look that didn’t diminish. She’d led her friend of countless years to her family, seeing the familiar faces still graced with shock at the changed world, the loss of technology, struggling to keep it together, sane, but rejoicing in the return of their child.

Now to find her other friend, Cecily.

She landed, glad that no one spied her, no voice calling out at the sighting of one of the Freedom Five. She advanced cautiously, knocking. No answer, no sounds of someone approaching the door. She knocked again, wondering if perhaps Cecily had already found refuge elsewhere. Reaching down, she twisted the handle, the door swinging open with nary a squeak.

“Cess?” No answer. Fumbling slightly, she reached down, taking the flashlight on her belt, flicking the switch. The light shone on the living room, everything still in place, or as much as her memory of the last time she’d been here validated. Nothing moved as she advanced to the bedroom. Clothes lay on the bed, each piece separate, unique as the girl who’d picked them out to wear. “Cess?” Stepping to the doorway leading to the attached bathroom, she halted, despair reaching up to claw at her and she sat down heavily, the flashlight falling with her to highlight the tangled blond hair of her friend. A towel lay haphazardly across her friend and the light wasn’t kind to the wide open eyes that would never again share laughter, tears or joy.

“Cess…oh god…I didn’t know.” How could she know? She’d had to save a city, find her family, try to keep herself together…and now one of her best friends was gone and she’d never get the chance to tell her of her changed life, that she was one of the ‘good guys’.

“Hey, guess what, Cecily…I’m one of the Freedom Five..yeah, those superheroes on the news. I can fly now, lift cars, you know, real out of the world things. All the while studying at law school and somehow passing the courses…I don’t know which is more unbelievable. And now I’m engaged to a man who I hope will make me happy…I mean, he’s a real god, one of the Norse.” Kennedy paused, wondering if she was losing her mind. She should contact the authorities, her family…and she just sat there, talking to her friend about all the things she couldn’t say. And Cecily would never respond.

A Cry for Help!

After the villain Voltaic surrenders, and informs the heroes of the danger at the Blackstone Medical Center, the heroes are distracted by the earsplitting high pitched scream of feedback coming from all of the guard’s walkie-talkies, and from the loudspeakers placed throughout the island that had previously been sounding alarms. The feedback subsides, followed by an artificial sounding voice calling out…

“Help me father…  I am in need of attention…  Complete system failure imminent…  911…”

This message repeats several times before gradually degrading into static which is shortly replaced by the previously sounding alarms.

The Second Day

After resting, the heroes gathered again the next morning at OHMA HQ, where Barbara Kane was still entrenched, directing things as well she could. Word had come down from the meta-human prison that was located off-shore that the prisoners were trying to escape. She asked that the Freedom Five assist, as they would perhaps have the best chance to contain the situation.

Down at the docks, Ironhide got into an arguement with the prison warden (inaccuracy. He argued with a high ranking guard. No one asked about the Warden) before leaving, leaping along the island chain, Neutrino following. While there, Rampart and Wire got a shock: an ‘old friend’ was assisting the police – Gun Show.
At the prison, the heroes were greeted with cheers and a sense that their powers were tamped down, as for some reason there was still power on the island the the power dampeners were still online, though two had been taken out by the populace. The potential escapees were down to the last two barricades and their arrival was timely. Going past the final stand, they joined a group of sharpshooters that were keeping the prisoner’s at bay with a few well-placed shots.

Voltaic was the leader, with a few other prisoner’s ranged around him, and the battle began. For some reason, Fenris was concentrating on one corner against the far wall, ignoring the fracas behind him. The Wire concentrated on dazzling his opponents while Ironhide zipped around Voltaic, getting in a few hits. Neutrino also focused on Voltaic, while Rampart dealt with the others as best she could, taking out a few at a time.

When the tide turned against him, Voltaic surrendered, especially after Fenris was taken out. It appears that they were on a time table formulated by an unknown third party and when Fenris didn’t break through the wall by the specified mark, it was a wash.

That is where we were left..with Wire wondering if perhaps this is where his wife was taken by the mysterious Dr. Gupta for the birth of his daughter.

It's the end as we know it....

The night has come and for our heroes there was no rest. Busy with rescue efforts, aiding the police and medical workers under the leadership of Barbara Kane. This was a night to remember, a night like no other. Now fully aware that the world, not just Freedom City was in ruin, attacked by some unforeseen force. It was the longest night ever, but with every new night there must come a new dawn, and old friends. Rampart and Wire learned that their old friend Robbie Knapp was alive and well, and part of a special forces team helping out in the city. However, before a reunion could happen trouble arose.

The heroes fought Brimstone who has the ability to manipulate and control fire to do his bidding. He wanted to bring in a new age… HIS age. Clearly he was not all there. He was powerful him and his henchmen, but not powerful enough as after an exhausting battle they were able to quell his rampage. However, the collateral damage to the area made the Freedom Five spring into action putting out fires and rescuing people for the next few hours… when the dawn came.

Stunned, shocked, and horrified our heroes were finally able to grasp the sight before them as the sky lit up in a reddish hue as the sun began to rise. The city was destroyed, buildings were toppled, fires burned uncontrolled, looting and rioting in the streets. The heroes exhausted from working with out stop for hours on end were ordered to get some sleep because in their fatigued state they wouldn’t be of any good if anymore trouble arose. The heroes split heading for their homes to get some very much needed rest and to check on loved ones. However, for some the rest was not an option.

Neutrino ,finally arriving home, discovered that it was on fire and one of his faithful staff that had stayed during the whole ordeal was trapped inside, badly injured, and burned. Eventually getting her out by dropping her from the second story window as all other routes were blocked.

Rampart found that her family was safe, shaken, but safe.

Ironhide discovered that his mother and father were also alright, much as you can be in this situation.

Wire still had no leads on the whereabouts of his wife was. Adam asleep and in questioning Judith Gilmore his mother-in-law about if she had heard anything from her husband Derek Gilmore or son Paul Gilmore and his partner Tobey Renolds was only met with more unanswered questions. Wire wondered how he was going to contact his parents Janice McMurray (mother) & Jacob McMurray (father) and his brother Sean McMurray to see if they were alright, even alive.

Eventually the heroes were able to rest their minds slightly at ease seeing most of their loved ones at least alive, and somewhat safe. Later, when the heroes awoke they started to find more people they knew, and family members, or headed into work to begin again with the rescue efforts.

The next morning Kirt headed out bound and determined to find where Heather McMurray was aftering saying good bye to Adam McMurray & Judith Gilmore he began his trek, but was derailed once he detected a network of some kind, which couldn’t be as there was no power in the city. He had to go and find out what this was. After walking for what seemed miles, he came across a reneck looking individual who had a crank activated walkie-talkie, which was some what ingenious. After a confrontation and giving all his money away he had 2 of the walkie-talkies and decided to head for base to connect with the others, and perhaps a lead, or help to find Heather McMurray.


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