The Freedom Five

A trip for all!

Come one come all we are heading out on the Halliday express for the Bahamas!. Bring your bathing suits, and your sun tan oil as we spend seven wonderful days sailing around the Carribian.

First we will fly out on a private jet to Naussa, Bahamas on Jan 28th at 10:00 am.
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We will be landing at Naussa airport at 2:00 pm and spend the rest of the day exploring the duty free market in Naussa. We will meet that evening at 8:00 pm at the pier to board the schooner Mephisto.
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From there we will spend the next 5 days exploring the islands of the bahamas and then get back to Naussa on the 3rd and then fligh back on the 4th.
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Remember to get your passports renewed or filled out! Including children.

The Yacht has room for 10 passengers and a crew of 4.
Right now I have:]
Kennedy +1
Ironhide +1
myself +1
Kurt +3
Vance if you bring a guest please let me know and we can add them on the list.
I plan on having hammocks for the kids to sleep in just like sailors have done it for hundreds of years.
Some meals will be prepared on Naussa before hand but there will also be plenty of ooprtunites for anyone who wants to cook to do so. Please let me know if there are any dietary restrictions I need to know about.
I should have several snorkeling outfits but the kids may need to get their own to make sure they fit. We will also have some fishing gear for those who want to try their luck at that and I will have a couple of set of skindiving equipement but do not have the air compress to refill them. If you are really wanting to get some dive time In I will pick one up in Nassau.

Let me know if there is anything else you thnk we might need to have a fun filled week on the water.



Great info. You just earned 1 Super Hero Point!

A trip for all!
rchipman Alfirin

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