The Freedom Five

It's the end as we know it....

The night has come and for our heroes there was no rest. Busy with rescue efforts, aiding the police and medical workers under the leadership of Barbara Kane. This was a night to remember, a night like no other. Now fully aware that the world, not just Freedom City was in ruin, attacked by some unforeseen force. It was the longest night ever, but with every new night there must come a new dawn, and old friends. Rampart and Wire learned that their old friend Robbie Knapp was alive and well, and part of a special forces team helping out in the city. However, before a reunion could happen trouble arose.

The heroes fought Brimstone who has the ability to manipulate and control fire to do his bidding. He wanted to bring in a new age… HIS age. Clearly he was not all there. He was powerful him and his henchmen, but not powerful enough as after an exhausting battle they were able to quell his rampage. However, the collateral damage to the area made the Freedom Five spring into action putting out fires and rescuing people for the next few hours… when the dawn came.

Stunned, shocked, and horrified our heroes were finally able to grasp the sight before them as the sky lit up in a reddish hue as the sun began to rise. The city was destroyed, buildings were toppled, fires burned uncontrolled, looting and rioting in the streets. The heroes exhausted from working with out stop for hours on end were ordered to get some sleep because in their fatigued state they wouldn’t be of any good if anymore trouble arose. The heroes split heading for their homes to get some very much needed rest and to check on loved ones. However, for some the rest was not an option.

Neutrino ,finally arriving home, discovered that it was on fire and one of his faithful staff that had stayed during the whole ordeal was trapped inside, badly injured, and burned. Eventually getting her out by dropping her from the second story window as all other routes were blocked.

Rampart found that her family was safe, shaken, but safe.

Ironhide discovered that his mother and father were also alright, much as you can be in this situation.

Wire still had no leads on the whereabouts of his wife was. Adam asleep and in questioning Judith Gilmore his mother-in-law about if she had heard anything from her husband Derek Gilmore or son Paul Gilmore and his partner Tobey Renolds was only met with more unanswered questions. Wire wondered how he was going to contact his parents Janice McMurray (mother) & Jacob McMurray (father) and his brother Sean McMurray to see if they were alright, even alive.

Eventually the heroes were able to rest their minds slightly at ease seeing most of their loved ones at least alive, and somewhat safe. Later, when the heroes awoke they started to find more people they knew, and family members, or headed into work to begin again with the rescue efforts.

The next morning Kirt headed out bound and determined to find where Heather McMurray was aftering saying good bye to Adam McMurray & Judith Gilmore he began his trek, but was derailed once he detected a network of some kind, which couldn’t be as there was no power in the city. He had to go and find out what this was. After walking for what seemed miles, he came across a reneck looking individual who had a crank activated walkie-talkie, which was some what ingenious. After a confrontation and giving all his money away he had 2 of the walkie-talkies and decided to head for base to connect with the others, and perhaps a lead, or help to find Heather McMurray.


Great job Bryan. I have edited some of the names to make them links.

It's the end as we know it....
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