The Freedom Five

Kirt's Holiday

Kirt spend the first week he was back to spend time with his family and reacclimate himself with his family spending time with his wife Heather, two kids Hope and Adam, and extended family attending family events and dinners. He has attended a few consoling sessions to talk about his experiences in the other dimensions. When he is not at OHMA doing that he has been going around Christmas shopping with Heather and the Kids and seeing the city and how the rebuilding progress is going.

During the day, until he has been cleared for field work the rest of his time he has been busy filing and organizing files at the OHMA office. With his off time he has spent some time with his fellow teammates and friends like Psynapse, also Cleric who have been updating him on what has gone on around the city, and the world. He has also been trying to talk with Kennedy and trying to patch things up. It’s a difficult and rocky road, but one he must mend. Lastly, he has been trying to research the Bots for Tots as well. Just something has been making his “spider sense tingle” and wants to know more about this charity and organization.

During his nights, Heather has asked Kirt to change his mancave, which hasn’t been touched since his departure, except only to clean into a room for Adam so Adam and Hope can have their own separate rooms for a Christmas present for him.


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Kirt's Holiday
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