The Freedom Five

On being mortal

I can only imagine what people are thinking, saying.

_She did what?

But why?

How could she do that to him?_

They don’t understand. Something I didn’t fully comprehend until I actually sat down and looked at my life, at what I was doing.

Magni is a god.

I am not. I’m just a mere mortal with extraordinary powers, which can seem godly. But, in the end, I am still mortal. I can be injured, I can die.

That’s the issue right there. We mortals are funny creatures. We’re born, we grow up and then we look for someone to share our lives with. To have a family, to grow old together and die. I will die one day and Magni will still be young, hale, hearty. Any children we might have would have to deal with being demigods and, just going by the Greco-Roman myths that I’ve read, that’s not an easy life.

And then Magni would have to watch as they grow old and die as well. Immortality is great and fine if you are with others of the same length of life. I would go insane if I had to go through that.

That’s why I let him go. Because I love him enough to know that I am not what he truly needs in his life. That is why gods dally with mortals but they don’t stay. The fact that Magni professed to love me is heartwarming and I know that I was truly blessed. But I need someone by my side that understands that each day is precious. Someone who I can grow old with.

No one seems to understand.


Nice. Thanks for writing this. Be sure to claim your SUPER HERO POINT at the game table.

On being mortal
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